Siemens Mobility

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Not to be confused with Siemens Mobile.
Siemens Mobility
Organisational Division
Industry Transportation:
Road: Traffic Control
Airport Logistics
Postal Automation
Predecessor Siemens Transportation Systems
€4.5 billion (Financial year 2007)
Number of employees
19,000 (2006)
Parent Siemens AG
Website Siemens Mobility [1]

Siemens Mobility is a division of the German Siemens AG conglomerate. Prior to the corporate restructuring of Siemens AG (effective from 1 January 2008) Siemens Transportation Systems was the operational division most closely related to Siemens Mobility; products produced included automation and power systems, rolling stock for mass-transit, railway signalling and control systems, and railway electrification.

The group also incorporates the former railway rolling stock and locomotive division Siemens Schienenfahrzeugtechnik (Siemens Railway Technology).



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