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St. George
Staten Island Railway rapid transit station
St George SIR jeh.JPG
From street
Station statistics
Address One Bay Street
Staten Island, NY 10301
Borough Staten Island
Locale St. George
Coordinates 40°38′36″N 74°4′27″W / 40.64333°N 74.07417°W / 40.64333; -74.07417 (St. George station)Coordinates: 40°38′36″N 74°4′27″W / 40.64333°N 74.07417°W / 40.64333; -74.07417 (St. George station)
Services SIR Main Line
Connection Staten Island Ferry, local bus routes
Structure Open-cut[1]
Platforms 6 island platforms (5 in regular service)
Tracks 12 (10 in regular service)
Other information
Opened July 31, 1884[2]
Accessible Handicapped/disabled access
Station succession
Preceding station   MTA NYC logo.svg Staten Island Railway   Following station
Terminus Main Line
Main Line
AM rush hour express service
toward Tottenville
Main Line
PM rush hour express service
toward Tottenville
Main Line
Handicapped/disabled access
toward Port Ivory
North Shore Branch

Saint George Terminal is a park and ride and sea, railway, and bus transit center in the St. George neighborhood of Staten Island, New York, at the intersection of Richmond Terrace and Bay Street, near Staten Island Borough Hall, Richmond County Bank Ballpark and Richmond County Supreme Court.

Staten Island Ferry[edit]

Main article: Staten Island Ferry

The Saint George Ferry Terminal is one of two terminals of the Staten Island Ferry. The other is Whitehall Terminal, on the southern tip of Manhattan near Battery Park. The Staten Island Ferry runs a 24-hour service between the two.

The Staten Island Ferry annually carries over 19 million passengers on a 5.2 mile (8.4 km) run that takes approximately 25 minutes each way. Each day approximately five boats transport about 75,000 passengers during 104 boat trips. Over 33,000 trips are made annually.

During rush hours, ferries usually run every 15 and 20 minute intervals, decreasing to 30 minutes during the mid-days and evenings, and every 60 minutes ( 30 minutes in late 2015 ) during very late or early morning hours (the midnight hours). At weekends ferries run every 30 and 60 minutes. In November 2006, additional ferries running every 30 minutes were provided during the weekend morning hours - the most significant change in the ferry schedule for about 3 decades.

Staten Island Railway[edit]

The rail station is the northern terminus of the main line of the Staten Island Railway. Service is provided 24 hours a day, every day. It is also one of two stations that require the US$2.75 fare on entry and exit, the other being Tompkinsville. This station is handicapped accessible and it is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.[3][4]

This station is open cut with a four-lane bus terminal and parking lot above it. The station has five active platforms and ten tracks, numbered 1 through 10 from east to west. All tracks end at bumper blocks at their northern ends. There is also a sixth platform to the west that is a passageway to the North Municipal Parking Field on Richmond Terrace, and towards Richmond County Bank Ballpark, one of two access points to this station. The track ballast is present through this construction zone. The mezzanine area has separate fare control areas, east side for entering passengers, and west side for exiting. Station booths and MetroCard vending machines are located on both sides. Just before each platform bay are the old destination indicators to the left and right of each platform entrance, corresponding to each departing track. There are green bulbs above these displays that indicate where the next train will be leaving from. This station originally opened with nothing overhead, no bus bays, no ramps. It was the site of a 1949 fire that nearly destroyed the terminal.

New York City Bus[edit]

Bus at St. George Ferry Terminal

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority operates a number of bus routes in Staten Island, New York, United States. Some of them are the direct descendants of streetcar lines (see list of streetcar lines in Staten Island).

Departures are given below by loading bay.

Ramp Routes Destination Notes
A S61 Local
S91 Limited
Staten Island Mall
  • S61 full-time
  • S91 PM rush-only limited-stop service.
S62 Local
S92 Limited
via College of Staten Island
  • S62 all times.
  • S92 PM rush-only limited-stop service.
S66 Port Richmond
  • Weekdays only.
  • Via Grymes Hill.
S78 Charleston
Bricktown Center Mall
  • S78 all times.
  • Stopped at Ramp D prior to June 27, 2010 service reductions
B S51 Local
S81 Limited
Grant City
via South Beach
  • S51 all times.
  • S81 PM rush-only limited-stop service.
S74 Local
S84 Limited
Bricktown Center Mall
  • S74 all times.
  • S84 PM rush-only limited-stop service.
S76 Local
S86 Limited
  • S76 weekdays only.
  • S86 PM rush-only limited-stop service.
C S46 Local
S96 Limited
West Shore Plaza
  • S46 all times.
  • S96 PM rush-only limited-stop service.
S48 Local
S98 Limited
  • S48 all times.
  • S98 PM rush-only limited-stop service.
D S40 Local
S90 Limited
Old Place
Goethals Homes
  • S40 all times.
  • S90 PM rush-only limited-stop service.
S44 Local
S94 Limited
Staten Island Mall
via Port Richmond
  • S44 full-time.
  • S94 PM rush-only limited-stop service.
S42 New Brighton
  • Runs rush hours and evenings only
  • Stopped at Ramp C prior to June 27, 2010 service reductions
S52 South Beach
Staten Island University Hospital


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