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MetroCard Vending Machine

The fares for services operated under the brands of MTA Regional Bus: (New York City Transit buses (NYC Bus), MTA Bus), New York City Subway (NYC Subway), Staten Island Railway (SIR), Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH), Roosevelt Island Tramway, AirTrain JFK and the suburban bus operators Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE) and Westchester County Bee-Line System (Bee-Line) are listed below.

Current fares[edit]

Dollar bills and half-dollar coins are not accepted for fare payment on any buses that accept MetroCard, nor in fare payment stations for Select Bus Service buses. All fare payments must be made using MetroCard or coins (excluding half-dollars).[1]

Base fares[edit]

All fares are in US dollars.

MTA Bus/NYC Bus: Local, Limited-Stop, Select Bus Service,
Bee-Line (except BxM4C bus), NICE, PATH
NYC Subway, SIR, Roosevelt Island Tramway
Express buses
(MTA and
Academy bus X23/X24)
BxM4C bus[2] Student MetroCard[3] AirTrain JFK[4] Access-A-Ride
(NYC paratransit)
(Nassau County
Full Reduced Full Reduced
Full Reduced
Full Half-
  • $2.75 for a Single-Ride MetroCard ticket[6]
  • $2.50 for a PATH SingleRide Ticket[7]
  • $2.25 for NICE when paying in coins[5]
  • $1.10 for NICE when
    paying in coins [5]
  • $1 for PATH by using
    Senior SmartLink Card.[7]
$6 [6] $3 [6] $7.50 $3.75 Free $1.25 $2.10 $5 $2.50 $3.75
($75 for a book of 20 tickets)
Transfer rules:
  • All transfers are valid for 2 hours.[8][9][10]
  • MetroCard transfers are good for one connecting trip on any other NYC Bus/MTA Bus: local, limited-stops, Select Bus Service or express bus services; NYC Subway, Bee-Line, NICE or Roosevelt Island Tramway (restrictions apply).[8][9] Exceptions:
    • A three-hour transfer window applies from transfers from any subway station to the Q22 and Q113 routes of MTA Bus, and the N31, N32, and N33 routes of NICE.[11]
    • Two transfers are available with MetroCard for the following transfers. The transfers must be made in order or in reverse order, and the 2-hour rule applies.
      1. Between Staten Island bus routes crossing the Staten Island Railway, through St. George Ferry Terminal, and then any MTA local bus or NYC subway service below Fulton Street in Lower Manhattan.[12]
      2. Between the B61, the B62, and any bus route connecting with either the B61 or the B62 (not necessarily in this order):[13]
        • Between the B61, the B62, and any bus route connecting with the B62.[13]
        • Between any bus route connecting with the B61, the B61, and the B62.[13]
      3. Between the B70, the S53, and any bus route connecting with the S53.[14]
      4. Between the Q22, the Q35, and the  2   5  trains at the Flatbush Avenue – Brooklyn College station.[11]
      5. Between the Q22, either the Q52 Limited or the Q53 Limited, and the  A  train at the Rockaway Boulevard station.[11]
      6. Between the Q29, the Q33, and the Q72 to LaGuardia Airport only (transfers between the Q29, the Q33, and the Rego Park-bound Q72 require a second fare).[15]
  • Transfers with coins (pennies and half-dollar coins not accepted) are good for use on one connecting local bus route (restrictions apply).[8]
  • Customers transferring to suburban buses from another system with a lower base fare must pay the difference between the fare on the first bus and the fare on the second bus.
  • No transfers to the BxM4C.[2]
  • No free transfer between PATH and NYC Subway, Bus and MTA Bus.[7]
  • PATH does not accept reduced fare MetroCard.[7]
Other notes:
  • Peak travel periods for express buses are 06:00–10:00 A.M. and 3:00–7:00 P.M. weekdays except holidays.[16]
  • All Bee-Line and NICE services (including services signed as express) are local services for purposes of the fare except for the BxM4C.[9]
  • Staten Island Railway fares are only collected at St. George and Tompkinsville stations (in both directions).[12]
  • Student MetroCards (issued by the New York City Office of Pupil Transportation) are valid only for travel on NYC Bus, MTA Bus and NYC Subway within the City of New York in hours between 5:30 am until 8:30pm on school days.
    • Full fare Student MetroCard can travel free for three or four trips.
    • Half-fare Student MetroCard have to pay half of full fare price, travel only on local, limited-stop and Select Bus Service bus routes only.
    • Subject to additional terms, conditions and restrictions on use.[3]

Unlimited ride MetroCard fares[edit]

All fares are in US dollars. There is a $1 purchase fee for all new MetroCard purchases within the subway system or at railroad stations (except for expiring or damaged MetroCards or MetroCards bought as part of a UniTicket).[17]

7-Day Unlimited[18] 30-Day Unlimited[19] 7-Day Express Bus Plus[20] 10-Trip AirTrain JFK[4][21] 30-Day AirTrain JFK[4][21]
Full fare
Reduced fare
  • The 7 Day Express Bus Plus MetroCard is the only Unlimited-Ride MetroCard accepted on Atlantic Express routes X23/X24 and MTA express buses.
  • The 30-Day AirTrain JFK MetroCard is the only Unlimited-Ride MetroCard accepted on AirTrain JFK. This MetroCard is not valid on any other services.
  • No Unlimited MetroCards are accepted on the BxM4C and PATH trains.[2][7]


All transfers with MetroCard are free from bus to subway, local bus to local bus, and subway to local bus. For transfers to express buses from local buses (except for the BxM4C), an additional US$3.50 is deducted from a Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard.[22] With coins, transfers are available to different local buses only, with some restrictions. All transfers are good for two hours. Transfers are available upon request when boarding only.[8][9][10]

There are no transfers to the BxM4C.[2]

SingleRide tickets are valid for one ride within two hours after purchase on local buses and the subway. One bus to bus transfer is allowed, no subway-bus or bus-subway transfer is allowed.

On the Select Bus Service routes except S79: customers paying with coins requiring a transfer must board via the front door and request a transfer from the operator. All other customers may board via any of the three doors on Select Bus Service buses only.[23]

Bee-Line customers needing to transfer to Connecticut Transit (I-Bus and route 11),[24] Transport of Rockland (Tappan ZEExpress),[25] Putnam Transit (PART 2),[26] or Housatonic Area Regional Transit (Ridgefield-Katonah Shuttle)[27] services must ask for a transfer, even if paying with MetroCard. The BxM4C does not accept paper or MetroCard transfers, but it does issue transfers to/from other buses and the subway.[2]

NICE customers needing to transfer to City of Long Beach N69, Suffolk County Transit, or Huntington Area Rapid Transit[28] services must ask for a transfer, even if paying with MetroCard.

Transfer restrictions[edit]

There are restrictions on transfers, as noted below:


There are no out-of-system subway-to-subway transfers allowed (i.e. exiting the turnstile and entering again), with one MetroCard exception:[29]

Until 2011, an extra out-of-system subway-to-subway transfer was allowed between 23rd Street – Ely Avenue/Long Island City – Court Square ( E   M   G  trains) and 45th Road – Court House Square ( 7   <7>  trains). An enclosed transfer passageway was opened between the three stations in 2011, rendering this transfer unnecessary.

Additional exceptions may be added on a case by case basis, usually due to construction making a regular transfer unavailable.


For Pay-per-Ride customers, there is no free transfer back onto the same route on which you paid your fare, or between the following buses:[30]

  • Manhattan:
    • M1, M2, M3, M4: No transfer between uptown Madison Avenue and downtown 5 Avenue buses.
    • M31 and M57: No transfer between eastbound and westbound buses along 57 Street. Transfers are available between buses travelling in the same direction, however.
    • M96 and M106: No transfer between eastbound and westbound buses along 96 Street, even between buses travelling in the same direction.
    • M101, M102, M103: No transfer between uptown 3rd Avenue and downtown Lexington Avenue buses.
  • The Bronx:
    • Bx1 and Bx2: No transfer between southbound and northbound buses on the Grand Concourse.
    • Bx40 and Bx42: No transfer between eastbound and westbound buses along Tremont Avenue.
  • Nassau:
    • No transfers between bus routes that aren't listed on the timetable of the route on which you paid your fare. In essence, one can't transfer between bus routes that don't intersect.[9]
  • Express:
    • No transfers from any route to the BxM4C, even with a Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard. Transfers are valid, however, from the BxM4C.[2]


There are no subway-to-bus or bus-to-subway transfers without a MetroCard allowed, with one exception:

Fare history[edit]

Below are the fares charged for single boardings on the transit lines and predecessors of the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA). Different combinations of transfer privileges and the abolition of double fares to the Rockaways have altered these fares from time to time. Since 1997, massively increased transfer privileges and pass discounts have lowered the average real fare significantly. According to MTA figures, only 2.1% of rides are single-ride fares.[31]

  • $0.05 (1904 – 1948)
  • $0.10 (1948 – July 1, 1953)
    • Bus fare: $0.07 from 1948 til 1950 and $0.10 from 1950 til 1953
  • $0.15 (July 2, 1953 – 1966)
    • Bus fare: $0.13 from 1954 til 1955 and $0.15 from 1956 til 1966; 5th Avenue Bus line fare raised to 15 cents on 1 January 1954
  • $0.20 (1966 – January 3, 1970)
  • $0.30 January 4, 1970 – December 31, 1971)
  • $0.35 (January 1, 1972 – August 31, 1975) (MSBA/Long Island Bus from 1973)
  • $0.50 (1 September 1, 1975 – June 27, 1980)
  • $0.60 (June 28, 1980 – July 2, 1981)
  • $0.75 (July 3, 1981 – January 1, 1984)
  • $0.90 (January 2, 1984 – December 31, 1985)
  • $1 (January 1, 1986 – December 31, 1989)
  • $1.15 (January 1, 1990 – December 31, 1991)
  • $1.25 (January 1, 1992 – November 11, 1995)
  • $1.50 (November 12, 1995 – May 3, 2003)
  • $2 (May 4, 2003 – June 27, 2009)
  • $2.25 (June 28, 2009 – December 29, 2010)
  • $2.25 base fare (December 30, 2010 – March 2, 2013)
    • $2.50 SingleRide MetroCard ticket fare
  • $2.50 base fare (March 3, 2013 – present)
    • $2.75 SingleRide MetroCard ticket fare

Express bus base fare[edit]

  • $4 (?-February 28, 1998)
  • $3 (March 1, 1998 - May 3, 2003)[32]
  • $4 (May 4, 2003 – February 26, 2005)
  • $5 (February 27, 2005 – December 29, 2010)
  • $5 (December 30, 2010 – March 2, 2013)
  • $6 (March 3, 2013 – present)

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