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This article is about Firefox extension. For the subject, see Speech synthesis.
Text to Voice
Original author(s) Vikram Joshi
Developer(s) Vikram Joshi
Initial release Mar 2010
Development status Active
Written in XUL, JavaScript,[1] CSS,[2][3]
Operating system Windows
Mac OS X
Engine Gecko
Available in All languages supported by Firefox
Type Firefox Extensions
License MPL/GNU GPL/GNU LGPL/Additional Notices
Website https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/text-to-voice/

Text to Voice or Text to Speech is a Firefox extension (add-on) developed by Vikram Joshi, an under-graduate from IIT Delhi. It adds the speech functionality to Firefox.

On installation it creates a tiny speaker icon on the bottom-right of Firefox. One just needs to select text, click the speaker icon and this add-on speaks the selected text. The audio file can also be downloaded as MP3 file.

This extension is currently listed as one of the Firefox's Featured Extensions.[4]

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