The Arabs in History

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The Arabs in History (ISBN 0-192-80310-7) is a book by Middle-east historian Bernard Lewis. Published in 1950, the book was well received by the general public owing in part to its accessibility to non-historians. Lewis takes a comprehensive look at the history of the Arab peoples, from pre-Islamic times to the modern day. The book has been reprinted several times, the most recent of which being the 2002 edition.


Whoever lives in our country, speaks our language, is brought up in our culture and takes pride in our glory is one of us.' Thus ran a declaration of modern leaders of Arab states. But what exactly is an Arab, and what has been their place in the course of human history?


  • Lists of Maps
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 Arabia Before Islam
  • Chapter 2 Muhammad and the Rise of Islam
  • Chapter 3 The Age of the Conquests
  • Chapter 4 The Arab Kingdom
  • Chapter 5 Pilgrimage to Mecca
  • Chapter 6 The Revolt of Islam
  • Chapter 7 The Arabs in Europe
  • Chapter 8 Islamic Civilization
  • Chapter 9 The Arabs in Eclipse
  • Chapter 10 The Impact of the West
  • Chronological Table