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The Zack Files
Starring Robert Clark
Jake Epstein
Michael Seater
Katie Boland
Noah Giffin
Jeff Clarke
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 52
Running time 22 minutes
Original channel YTV
Fox Family/ABC Family (2000-2002)
Fox Kids (2001)
Fox Kids and Channel 4 (UK)
Original run September 17, 2000 – May 5, 2002

The Zack Files is a science fiction television program based on a book series of the same name. It revolves around a young boy, played by Robert Clark, who is a magnet for paranormal activity and attends Horace White High School for Boys along with his three friends Cam, Gwen, and Spencer. Zack manages to get himself into trouble with his paranormal adventures and it is up to his friends to help him set things straight. The series is based on a series of books with the same name, written by Dan Greenburg. In August 2004, Goldhill Home Media released the first season on DVD.

Main characters[edit]

  • Zachary "Zack" Greenburg (played by Robert Clark): The main protagonist. A relatively normal kid but often becomes a magnet for the paranormal.
  • Cameron "Cam" Donelevi (played by Jake Epstein): One of Zack's best friends, will do anything to make a quick buck.
  • Spencer "Spence" Sharp (played by Michael Seater): Another friend of Zack's and keeper of The Zack Files. Obsessed with paranormal activity and is attempting to win the Nobel Prize by proving the paranormal exists.
  • Gwendolyn "Gwen" Killerby (played by Katie Boland): Doesn't believe in paranormal activity and her father is headmaster of their school, which allows her to be the only girl at an all-boys academy.
  • Vernon Mantueffel (played by Noah Giffin): The series main antagonist. As jealousy of Cam,Spence and Zack, he is Zack's nemesis., the richest kid in school and in love with Gwen. He also sweats a lot.
  • Daniel "Dan" Greenburg (played by Jeff Clarke): Zack's father, divorced and kind of clueless.
  • Jennifer "Woman From 302" (played by Collette Micks): Downstairs neighbor and sometimes girlfriend of Zack's dad.

Episode guide[edit]

Season one[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
1 1 "The Library of No Return" E.J.Thompson Kathy Slevin September 17, 2000 Unknown

Zack forgets to return Alice in Wonderland and the characters come to life. Spencer and Cam must become Zack's lawyer and find proof who disculp him and identify the real thief: Vernon.

Absent: Gwen. She appears in the next episode.
2 2 "You Don't Say" William Fruet James Nadler September 18, 2000 Unknown
When Principal Killerby starts his career at Zack's school, he meets his daughter Gwen. Meanwhile, when Zack picks up a book on ventriloquism at a magic shop and learns to throw his voice, his voice escapes from his body.
3 3 "It's a Wonderful School" Michael DeCarlo Kathy Slevin September 25, 2000 Unknown
Zack loses the class president'elections and is so much angry that he breaks the voting machine which sends him to an alternate future in which he is a junkie while Vernon is now the headmaster.
4 4 "Quiet Please, I'm Reading Your Mind" John Bell Kathy Slevin October 2, 2000 Unknown
An incident causes Zack to read other's minds.
5 5 "Sock World" William Fruet James Nadler October 9, 2000 Unknown

Zack finds himself in a world which is dominated by socks while trying to obtain a sock which reminded him of the time when his parents were together.

Note: Katie Boland does not appear in this episode. Noah Giffin only has a brief cameo.
6 6 "Total Rewind" Michael DeCarlo Kathy Slevin October 16, 2000 Unknown
Dan buys a Digital Video Recorder from Vernon's father but the machine has aliens who want an human specimen: Vernon.
7 7 "Loose Lips: A Dog's Story" John Bell Kathy Slevin October 23, 2000 Unknown
Zack discovers he can only talk with dogs if they're in a vehicle which functions.
8 8 "Crypt Seeker" Ross Clyde Chris Dickie October 30, 2000 Unknown
It's video game week and Zack buys a new game that is called Crypt Seeker. While playing, he apereives Tara Bond arriving in the real world while Spencer ends in the game world. Zack and Cam must find a way to send Tara back and deliver their friend before Tara can seduce Dan.
9 9 "Misfortune Cookie" John Bell James Nadler November 13, 2000 Unknown
Chinese cookies can sometimes done the wrong prediction. That's the thing Zack learns when he discovers that all his wishes will be granted. As Gwen faints while waiting her idol with Zack, Spencer and Cam end in a car's cemetery.
10 10 "Run Zack Run" Ron Oliver Kathy Slevin November 20, 2000 Unknown
When Zack buys magic shoes, he can't stop running.
11 11 "Deja Vudoo" William Fruet Kathy Slevin November 27, 2000 Unknown
When Gwen celebrates her birthday, Zack immediately falls in love with a girl named Rita and tries to seduce her but fails. While manipulating Spencer's camera, he goes back in the time each time he wants. He is naturally the only one to notice it.
12 12 "But I'm Too Young to Be My Dad" Ross Clyde Kathy Slevin January 15, 2001 Unknown
Zack receives a visit from his future son (played by Daniel Clark who is Robert's older brother in real life).
13 13 "Photo Double" Craig Pryce Kathy Slevin January 8, 2001 Unknown
When Zack gets a photo class, his soul is stuck in the photo, leaving him in a zombie state.
14 14 "One Bad Seed" Ron Oliver Sheila Presscott Vessey December 4, 2000 Unknown
When Zack complains about his height, he accidentally swallows an orange seed and becomes taller.
15 15 "Fiber!" Gail Harvey Katayoun A Marciano January 1, 2001 Unknown

When Dan insists that Zack should only eat sane food, he buys old cereals whose date of expiration come the day after. Zack eats it and becomes older and older. But his friend have to help him and reverse the process before Zack turns into dust.

Note: Noah Giffin is credited but does not appear. However, the actors who play his bodyguards do.
16 16 "Anchovy of Doom" Craig Pryce Kathy Slevin January 22, 2001 Unknown
Zack, while working on a scientific project, commands an anchovy's pizza. He discovers he has the power to shrink people (Gwen, Dickie, Tad, Todd and Vernon) and to put them in a terrarium.
17 17 "Exit, Stage Fright" John Bell Kathy Slevin January 29, 2001 Unknown
Zack and his friends lose their pants while trying to vanquish their stage fright.
18 18 "Talented Mr. Talisman" William Fruet Chris Dickie February 5, 2001 Unknown
After borrowing Gwen's lucky guess, Dan becomes extremely lucky while Gwen receives all the bad luck.
19 19 "This Is Your Conscience Calling" John Bell Kathy Slevin February 19, 2001 Unknown
Zack receives a call from his conscience after he forgot his promise to spend less money.
20 20 "The Switch" Harvey Crossland Peter Colley February 26, 2001 Unknown

Zack accidentally switches place with Vernon and begins to enjoy great life while Vernon must confront ordinary life. After that, Charles (Vernon's butler) intervenes which causes Vernon to find his body back and Charles to switch his with Zack.

Note: This is the last episode to not feature Katie Boland.
21 21 "The Bottom Line" Ross Clyde Lorianne T Overton March 5, 2001 Unknown
Zack obtains glasses which allows him to see the future.
22 22 "Sparkin'" William Fruet Kathy Slevin February 12, 2001 Unknown
Zack and Rita break-up and Zack creates some weird sparks who bring love between Cam and Gwen, Spencer and his reflection and Zack with a girl named Sarah.
23 23 "Gone" Ross Clyde James Nadler March 12, 2001 Unknown
Zack drinks Gwen's ink and becomes invisible.
24 24 "It's a Jungle in There" William Fruet Michael Maurer March 20, 2001 Unknown
Zack forgets to feed his neighbor's cat and plants which turns her apartment into a jungle.
25 25 "A Place of My Own" Craig Pryce Sheila Presscott March 27, 2001 Unknown
When Zack finally receives the key for his own apartment, he leaves his father and seems to enjoy adult life. That's until he organizes a party and gets expelled by mistake. Not even that, but he can't return to his old place since Dan converted his room into an office. Meanwhile, Dan tries again to seduce Jennifer.
26 26 "Dinner with Grandpa" John Bell Kathy Slevin April 2, 2001 Unknown

Zack and Dan have a familial dinner in which Zack's deceased grandfather Maurice wants to participate too.

Notes: This is the last episode to feature Grandma Leah and Charles.
Absent: Vernon.

Season two[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
27 1 "Blast from the Past" Ross Clyde Julie Lacey September 17, 2001 Unknown
While working on their class project, Zack and his friends turn the clock back in order to stay longer in the library. They travel in 1912 and manage to refind their time with a bonus : a past student who has fallen love with Gwenn.
28 2 "Searching for Zack Greenburg" William Fruet Heather Conkie September 24, 2001 Unknown
When Zack receives an F to his physic homework, he accepts to participate in an experience which makes him smarter and smarter until he and Spence have to fight in order to win a physic game.
29 3 "The Terrible Truth" Don McBrearty Steven Wresten October 1, 2001
Zack touches a bracelet and becomes unable to lie.
30 4 "Groovin'" Harvey Crossland William Nadler October 8, 2001 Unknown
Gwen desperately searches for a DJ and both Zack and Vernon want to participate. However, they both get possessed by an evil spirit.
31 5 "What's Eating Zack Greenburg" Ross Clyde Julie Nadler October 15, 2001 Unknown
When Dan finally decides to join Zack in his camping tips, he , Spence and Cam find themselves into a parallel world.
32 6 "In Your Dreams" William Fruet Esta Spalding October 22, 2001 Unknown
During an experiment, Zack discovers he can infiltrate people's dreams when the sleep next to him. This is the last episode to feature Dickie.
33 7 "Captain Sonic" Don Shebib David Young November 5, 2001 Unknown
Zack quickly develops telekinetic powers.
34 8 "Zack Zero" Anthony Brown Ann McNaughton November 12, 2001 Unknown
Zack finds himself possessed by a soldier's spirit after he touched his phone. Now, he must avoid to touch other past things before being possessed by a caveman.
35 9 "Zack Girl" Don McBrearty Dennis Foon November 19, 2001 Unknown
When Zack accidentally uses girl power deodorant, he becomes a girl who is targeted by Vernon while Cam tries to date Sarah.
36 10 "Dead Men Do Wear Plaid" Don McBrearty Peter Smith November 26, 2001 Unknown
Dan decides to coach Zack's football team but is possessed by an evil ghost of a former player whose only wish is to win.
37 11 "The Frog Prince" Craig Pryce Gail Collins December 3, 2001 Unknown
When a swim team is organized to the school, both Cam and Zack want to join in but Zack's competences are terrible. As Cam makes fun of him, Zack finds a frog lucky charm which turns Cam into a frog. However, Spence and Zack must find the way to restore Cam before Vernon takes his place on the swim team.
38 12 "Things to Do at Horace Hyde When You're Dead" Don Shebib Steven Wresten January 7, 2002 Unknown
When a ghost named Gilbert mysteriously reappears at school, he begins to wreak havoc by making several stupid pranks. As Zack is the only one to see him, he gets blamed by Mr. Munk and Dan and must find Gilbert's reason to came back before getting expelled.
39 13 "Bionic Zack" Ross Clyde Steven Barwin January 14, 2002 Unknown
Cam and Zack are in the same sport team when Zack complains about his lack of energy. However, when he saves his father life by preventing a car from crushing him, he becomes stronger and stronger.
40 14 "Attack of the Zack - Uum" William Fruet Denise Fordham January 21, 2002 Unknown

While cleaning up his room with Spence, Zack and his friend get swalled by the vacuum and it's up to Cam and Gwen to save them before an enormous spider eats them.

Note: This is the only episode to feature only the main cast (except for Noah Giffin).
41 15 "Once and Future Zack" John Bell Heather Conkie February 3, 2002 Unknown

Zack becomes the new king of Broceliande after he rescued Merlin.

Notes: Noah Giffin is credited but does not appear.
42 16 "Kleptomanizack" Mary Lewis Elta Spalding February 10, 2002 Unknown

When Zack decides to buy a birthday present for Sarah, he opts for a CD. He becomes a magnet field which attracts so many items that the policewoman accuses him of thief. He is finally relaxed but in exchange is forbidden to return to the store.

Notes: Noah Giffin is credited but does not speak. Also, the last appearance of Shadia Simmons as Sarah.
43 17 "Zack Times Two" Don McBrearty James Nadler February 17, 2002 Unknown
Zack joins almost every club in high school when a new mirror is installed and his reflection comes to life. However, Zack's double appears to be very arrogant and ruthless. And he tries to join more and more clubs.
44 18 "Pop" Unknown Unknown February 24, 2002 Unknown

Zack's mother decides to pay a visit and brings him his favorite soda. However, Zack is torn between his two parents sice his father wanted to spend more masculine time with him. Every time Zack burps, he can teleport where he wants but Spence discovers his new power is limited.

Note: Noah Giffin is credited but does not appear.
45 19 "Zack and White" Unknown Unknown March 3, 2002 Unknown

When Zack and Spence both have a hard time to choose between Cam and Gwen who both decided to run for class president, Zack admits that making a choice is very difficult until Spence suggests him to participate in a experience which has drastic effects as Zack finds himself in a black and white dimension where choices do not exist. Zack decides to become a rebel and enlist the help of Orwell, a new student who admires him because he has decided to lead and not to be a sheep. At the end, Zack finally chooses to run too for the class president and Cam and Gwen dislike him while Spence complains about how his choices are now harder to make.

Note: Noah Giffin is credited but does not appear.
46 20 "Little Big Zack" Unknown Unknown March 10, 2002 Unknown

It's time for Zack to have his Bar-Mitzvah. But because he is afraid to grow up, he regresses back to his childhood and is now seven. Spence has to convince him to become a teenager again by saying to him that if he does not leave his kid statut, he never will know how to drive, get a girlfriend or have forest trips. However, when the rabbi tells young Zack that everybody is afraid of unknown, but heroes have to face their fears while coward always hide, Zack is convinced and is back to normal.

Note: Noah Giffin is credited but does not appear.
47 21 "The eyes of Gwen Killerby" Unknown Unknown March 17, 2002 Unknown
Spence always finished his robot for a science exhibition when Zack buys special glasses who make him see that Gwen is a dismantler.
48 22 "Zack Greenburg's Day Off" Don Shebib Unknown March 24, 2002 Unknown
When Spence and Cam decide to play a joke on Zack, they push him into Mr. Munk. Zack-Munk decides to turn the school to a paradise. Not knowing that Vernon's father has to visit and decides that Horace Hyde School will be closed at the end of this day, unless Zack and friends could reverse the time and erase the impossible. Also, the last appearance of Kathryn Winslow as Miss Arlington. Also,Jeff Clarke is metioned,but does not appear.
49 23 "Almost Famous Almost" Don Sherbib Unknown March 31, 2002 Unknown

After Zack played with magic gloves, he becomes automatically famous.

Note: Noah Giffin is credited but does not appear.
50 24 "The Zack Show" Unknown Unknown April 7, 2002 Unknown
Zack receives a magical TV in his room and learns that the last channel shows his live on another dimension. Unless he wants his planet to be destroyed, Zack has to fight with Vernon while Cam must express his feelings for Gwen and Spence has to make more experiments. However, Vernon decides to finally give up his rivalry with Zack and become his friend. At the end, The agent has found a new specimen of «live-show»: The tax inspector.
51 25 "Who did you say I was?" Unknown Unknown April 14, 2002 Unknown
While waiting in Mr. Munk 's office to discuss with him about his future, Zack fights with Vernon and Vernon throws all his records by the window. This causes Zack to lose his memory, and Spence and Cam have to remind him previous episodes before Vernon makes Zack his personal servant. Thanks to Mr. Munk and Gwen, Zack finds his memory back and Vernon gets expelled. Jeff Clarke does not appear. This is the final appearance of Noah Giffin as Vernon as well as Brett and Ryan Moon and Conrad Coates.
52 26 "Zackeo and Juliet" Unknown Peter Lieberman May 5, 2002 Unknown
As the series finale, Zack must learn Romeo's role in order to pass his English theater exam. However, when he has learn nothing, even the story, he finds himself in another dimension where he plays Romeo while Gwen is Juliet, Cam Tybalt and Spence the monk.

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