Jacob Two-Two (TV series)

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Jacob Two-Two
Jacob Two-Two introduction frame.jpg
Title frame for Jacob Two-Two
Genre Animation, Comedy, Educational
Directed by Lan Lamon
Helen Lebeau
Eric Flaherty
Shawn Seles (assistant)
Gary Hurst (2nd assistant)
Kelvin Smith (art)
Starring Billy Rosemberg
Marc McMulkin
Kaitlin Howell
Jeff Berg
Rob Tinkler
Jocelyn Barth
Harvey Atkin
Janet-Laine Green
Julie Lemieux
Kristopher Clark
Dwayne Hill
Fiona Reid
Howard Jerome
Bret "The Hitman" Hart
James Rankin
Theme music composer Martin Kucaj - Eurotrash Music
Original language(s) English,
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 61 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Doug Murphy
Scott Dyer
Peter Moss
Producer(s) Patricia R. Burns (supervising)
Jocelyn Hamilton (supervising)
Wendy Errington (line)
Editor(s) Dale Schott (story)
Jamie Ebata
Stephen Sauer (On-line)
Sue Robertson (sound effects)
Running time 22-25 minutes
Production company(s) Nelvana (Season 1-5)
9 Story Entertainment (Season 1-3)
Original channel YTV
Original run September 1, 2003 – September 11, 2006

Jacob Two-Two is a Canadian animated TV series based on a trilogy of books written by Mordecai Richler that first aired on Canadian children's channel YTV and aired on the French Canadian VRAK.TV as Jacob Jacob, in Spanish on Telemundo as Jacobo Dos Dos and in Portuguese on Canal Panda from Portugal as Jacob Dois Dois It also aired on ZigZap in the Poland and on Canal Futura from Brazil as 'Jacó Dois Dois'. It was produced by Nelvana; before being put on hiatus in 2005, it has 61 episodes. In the United States, the show aired on qubo, a 24-hour children's television channel in 2006. It also aired on Jetix UK from April 14, 2007 and on CITV in the UK from Spring 2006. The series is set in the Canadian city of Montreal and follows Jacob Two-Two and his friends on their wild adventures, most of which are one-shots that are resolved in a single episode.


Jacob The youngest of five children, Jacob got his 'Two-Two' nickname because he said everything twice to be heard amongst his large family when he was smaller. Now a little older, Jacob does not repeat himself as often, but still frequently falls back into this old habit. He inadvertently causes trouble because he always tells the truth. He looks up to his siblings, especially Daniel, (although he finds himself frequently left out of their activities) and wishes he had their experience and wisdom. His naïveté makes him a frequent target of twin siblings Noah and Emma and their fantastic yarns. Voiced and narrated by Billy Rosemberg best known in the United States as the voice of Max from Max & Ruby.

Morty Loosely based on author and creator Mordecai Richler, Jacob's father is the writer of a series of adventure books about "The Amazing Ronald." He spends his time in his home office working out complex plots for his books, checking the hockey scores for his favourite team the Montreal Marvels, or most often snoozing on the sofa with the newspaper draped over his face. He also loves jokes and making gentle fun of his children. Voiced by Harvey Atkin.

Florence Jacob's mother is an expert juggler of tasks, happiest when operating at full throttle. Besides keeping her family on the go and organized, she also holds down a full-time job. As busy as she is, Florence always manages to look very chic and 'pulled together', and breezes through each day with effortless grace. Voiced by Janet-Laine Green.

Daniel The eldest at 16, Daniel is an aloof and hopelessly cynical teen. Permanently garbed in black, he is fully conversant in all the newest bands and music crazes. Daniel does not have much time for Jacob, but occasionally offers his kid brother a unique 'teen view' of the world. He was first voiced by Jeff Berg and later voiced by Rob Tinkler.

Marfa Jacob's elder sister. Marfa is suffering through the toughest teen years and frequently takes it out on everyone around her. Preoccupied with her own concerns, Marfa has even less time for Jacob than Daniel. Convinced that Jacob ruins everything he touches, she does not like him going anywhere near her stuff. To Jacob, she occupies a mysterious world that he does not understand at all. Voiced by Jocelyn Barth.

Noah and Emma Jacob's elder twin brother and sister. Energetic, athletic, full of daring and theatrical bravado. They have their own secret club, Kid Power, and spend long hours in their clubhouse in the yard fighting imaginary battles as their alter egos the intrepid Shapiro and the fearless O'Toole. They will not allow Jacob into their 'clubhouse', which makes him long to get in there all the more. He often does their bidding in the hope that maybe this time they will let him inside. Noah is voiced by Marc McMulkin. Emma is voiced by Kaitlin Howell.

Buford Orville Gaylord Pugh An odd little kid with a string of unfortunate names. His lack of anxiety and worries are not due to a lack of intelligence but to difficulty focusing. He is prone to recounting pointless, meandering shaggy dog stories. Buford and Jacob are both new kids at school. He is a good friend to Jacob. Voiced by Kristopher Clark.

X. Barnaby Dinglebat A mild mannered meter reader for the Montreal Gas Company on the surface, Dinglebat lets Jacob in on his secret profession: he is really an international spy. He is the only adult Jacob knows who always has time for him and treats him as an equal. Barnaby opens up a whole new world of adventure and possibility to his next door neighbour. Voiced by James Rankin.

Renée Ratelle Though Renée and Jacob initially find themselves at odds with each other when they meet as classmates, Renée later joins forces with Jacob and Buford to solve a mystery. Since Renée is a hothead who does not always look before she leaps, it becomes Jacob's role to temper her enthusiasm. She is voiced by Julie Lemieux.

Principle I.M. Greedyguts Jacob's school principal is a very obese and incorrigible glutton. Greedyguts also suffers from an enduring dislike of children, which causes him to be rather severe with his pupils. Though he is extremely fond of eating, his greed also extends to material possessions. He's voiced by Dwayne Hill.

Leo Louse Leo works as the janitor at the school. When Greedyguts needs dirty work done, or a mess swept under the carpet, Leo is the man for the job. A weaselly man, a miser and mooch, Leo will swipe whatever isn't nailed down. Dad is mysteriously fond of Leo, much to the children's disgust, and whenever Leo drops by he'll fill his pockets with Florence's sandwiches. He is voiced by Howard Jerome.

Ms. Sour Pickle Jacob's geography teacher Miss Sour Pickle has a permanent scowl plastered on her face, like she smells something bad. She glories in catching her students not paying attention or talking in class, then giving them snap quizzes on the obscure capitals of equally obscure countries. The only thing Sour Pickle loves to do more than torment Two Two is cheer for her favourite team, the marvelous Montreal Marvels. It's her biggest secret that she simply adores hockey. She is voiced by Fiona Reid.

Gary a.k.a The Hooded Fang The professional wrestler with the terrifying mask and bad guy image. His true nature, as Jacob discovers one day, is sweet and gentle. He only acts like a barbarian because it's written in his contract. He's really a big kid at heart, and becomes a great secret pal of Jacob's, occasionally helping out when a mission requires someone really really big. Voiced by Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

Wilson, Quiggley and Duschane Three bullies that always pick on Jacob and his friends. Wilson is the shortest one and the defacto leader, and mostly the brains who is always seen with a sour apple lollipop in his mouth. Quiggley is the kid with his hair covering his eyes. Duschane is the boy with braces and is the tallest. They often call Jacob "Jacob Boo-Hoo" or "Jacob Two-Four". They sometimes serve as allies to Jacob, but other times serves as antagonists.

Miss Darling Sweetiepie A nice kind old lady who is Jacob's neighbor. Despite her elderly appearance, she is actually a secret agent.

Nurse Bunyan The school nurse who has a crush on Leo Louse.

Miss Bountiful The school's lunchlady who is kind and sweet and serves the kids a healthy and delicious lunch.

Auntie Goodforyou Jacob's aunt who serves nutrious but disgusting food.

Zadie Saul Jacob's paternal grandfather who comes around when Morty is preparing bagels.

Ann An android (hench her name) from Japan designed to be the perfect student. Voiced by Tajja Isen.

Brainy An intelligent student who is a fan of the comics Jacob loves.

Lloyd An overweight arrogant student who is a fan of the comics Jacob loves.

Melinda A mathematics genius who helped Jacob in the Scholars for Dollars training. She has an older sister named Phoebe who Daniel has a crush on.

Miss Louse Leo's miser mother who regrets her own son.

YB Greedyguts Principal Greedyguts' twin brother who is crueler than him.

Carl Fester King A pompous con man dressed in king garb and accountant style desiring money.

Fish & Fowl Crime duo that do criminal things to get quick money. Fish's appearance is based on a fish and Fowl's appearance is based on a bird.

Agent Intrepid A hamster secret agent.


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