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Will and Dewitt is a Canadian animated television series featuring an anthropomorphic frog named Dewitt and a boy named Will as the main characters. It is produced by Cookie Jar Entertainment with animation by Two Presidents Productions in Toronto, Ontario. It first aired on September 22, 2007 on The CW and Tiny Pop. The series revolves around Dewitt motivating Will to accomplish difficult tasks.

Main characters[edit]


Will is an 8-year old fun loving, shy and light-hearted boy. He has red hair and a sister named Kate. He also has a frog named Dewitt.

Will is voiced by Connor Price.


Dewitt is an anthropomorphic frog who can morph into any shape or size, usually as a visual aid to a joke he has just made. He is also a skilled impersonator. In each episode, he gives Will the support and motivation he needs to get through the challenges before him. Dewitt's image is almost identical to that of the frog on the packaging of Procter and Gambles's Kandoo products (which is actually him and Procter and Gambles's have aperntly made an agreement to use him on the package[citation needed]). His favourite colour is green.

Dewitt is voiced by Richard Ian Cox.

Other characters[edit]


Will's older brother who thinks he's better than him.


Will's little sister who likes animals. She can get in the way of Will's challenges.

Kate is voiced by Nissae Isen.


Will's friend and sometimes rival Sandy is a recess and lunch time friend of Will and Sam.

Mom & Dad[edit]

Mom & Dad are always nearby and ready to lend a hand if their kids needs it. They are fun, understanding and supportive.[1] Mom is voiced by Katie Griffin. Dad is voiced by Richard Binsley.

Samuel "Sam"[edit]

Will's best friend, who is also a fan of Frogboy. He has dark skin and wears glasses. He's also good at telling jokes.

The Forest Animals[edit]

These characters help Will & Dewitt with their challenges by singing about them.

  • Wince, voiced by Richard Binsley

Educational relevance[edit]

In the United States, the shows educational elements have qualified it as an E/I show.

Will and Dewitt is a half hour children's adver-edutainment series that supports Procter & Gamble's Kandoo line of children's hygiene products.


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