Tirona Fanatics

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Tirona Fanatics
Tirona fanatics.gif
Tirona Fanatics's Logo
Established 2006
Type Football Supporters Trust
Club KF Tirana
Motto Born in 1920, still great![1]
Headquarters Tirana,  Albania
Affiliations Supporters Direct, Football Supporters' Federation
Website www.tirona-fanatics.com

The Tirona Fanatics is the fanclub of KF Tirana.[2] This fanclub is started in 2006 and is popular to football fans out of Tirana.[3][4][5]

The name Tirona Fanatics is chosen because it's written in the dialect of Tirana.

Tirona Fanatics are among the most organized ultras in Balkan region. They are recognized as "the firm" that changed the philosophy of making ultras in the stadiums of Albania. They came up with the best choreographic elements supporting their team in all the matches. Up to now they never missed a match.

They are self depended in financial terms thanks to annual contribution of all the members and to the donation.


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