Tuz Khormato

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Tuz Khormato
Arabic: طوزخورماتو
Kurdish: Tûz Xûrmatû تازه خورماتوو

Tûz Xûrmatû
Tuz Khormato is located in Iraq
Tuz Khormato
Tuz Khormato
Tuz Khormato's location in Iraq
Coordinates: 34°53′N 44°38′E / 34.883°N 44.633°E / 34.883; 44.633
Country  Iraq
Province Saladin
District Tooz
Elevation 715 ft (218 m)
Population (2012)
 • Total 60,262 [1]

Tuz Khormato (طوزخورماتو) or Tuz Khurmatu (Kurdish: Tûz Xûrmatû, خورماتوو; Iraqi Turkmen: Tuzhurmatu , Azerbaijani: Tuz xurma ) is a town that is the main centre of the Tooz District in Saladin Province, Iraq, located 55 miles south of Kirkuk. A plurality of the population is ethnic Iraqi Turkmen, large minorities of Kurds and Arabs form the remaining population. ، The name of the city is Turkoman, standing for tuz (dusty), khorma (dates), and tau (hill/mountain). together: "dusty dates hills."


  • On June 2, 2005, at least 12 people were killed and at least 40 wounded in a big explosion targeting a restaurant.[2]
  • On June 23, 2005, a car bomb detonated by remote control hit an Iraqi police patrol, killing one policeman and wounding 7 civilians.[3]
  • On September 20, 2005, insurgents detonated a car bomb targeting Shiite worshippers as they were exiting the Hussainiyat al-Rasoul al-Azam mosque, killing at least 10 and wounding 21 others.[4]
  • On March 14, 2007, a suicide bomber struck a market and killing 8 and wounding 25.[5]

Operation New Dawn[edit]

  • On September 7, 2010, the first US casualties after President Barack Obama declared an end to US combat operations took place near the city when an Iraqi soldier killed 2 US military personnel.[6]

Post-US withdrawal[edit]

  • On October 27, 2012, a car bombing next to a building owned by a Shi'ite endowment killed two civilians and injured ten others.[7]
  • On December 17, 2012, two consecutive car bombings hit a residential area near the city's General Hospital, killing 11 civilians and injuring 45 others. The attacks were part of a country-wide wave of violence that killed almost 100 people in a single day.[8]
  • On January 16, 2013, a suicide car bombing at the offices of the Kurdistan Democratic Party killed 5 and injured 40 others.[9][10]
  • On January 23, 2013, a suicide bomber blew himself up during a funeral for a politician's relative in the city, killing 42 and leaving 75 others wounded.[11][12]

Notable residents[edit]

One of the well known artists from the area is Ali Kanbar Ozdamer (1919–1999).[13]


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Coordinates: 34°52′38″N 44°38′18″E / 34.87722°N 44.63833°E / 34.87722; 44.63833