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Kenneth Melbourne Mick III
Born (1991-04-30) April 30, 1991 (age 23)
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
Residence Lanesborough, Massachusetts
Nationality American
Ethnicity English, German, Polish, Irish, Newfie
Education Berkshire Community College, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Political party
Movement Classical liberalism, communitarianism, libertarian conservatism, federalism
Religion Christian
Denomination New Covenant Baptist
Parents Kenneth M. Mick Jr. (father)
Beth L. Mick (mother)

Kenneth Melbourne Mick III, known on Wikipedia as 3family6, is a college graduate from Lanesborough, Massachusetts. Born in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania to Kenneth Melbourne Mick Jr. and Beth Lindenschmid Mick in 1991, Mick grew up in Ulysses and Gaines, Pennsylvania, before moving with his family to Lanesborough, Massachusetts in 2003, where he and his family live with Beth Mick's parents. His Wikipedia username, 3family6, comes from the fact that he is the oldest of four children, and thus the third oldest in a family of six. After being homeschooled up through high school, he enrolled at Berkshire Community College, where he graduated in 2012 with an Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts. He then transferred to the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor's Degree in History. Although Mick registered a username on Wikipedia in 2008, he did not make his first edit until 2010. Since then, however, he has been a regular contributor to the online encyclopedia.



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