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A medical student in the morning and a writer by evening. A daughter to great parents and a friend to patients. An Indian by birth and a Wikimedian by choice.

About me[edit]

Netha Hussain is a medical doctor, blogger and Wikipedian. She has done exciting things like grooming kittens, listening to cardiac murmurs and riding bicycles. She'd work for any length of time on stuff that doesn't make any sense. She is owned by a pet cat and has been scratched several times by it. She loves solitude and knows what to do with it. This blog is all about her personal learning.
Being a child of the 90's, she has grown up with technology. The best discovery she had ever made was that Wikipedia is an editable space. Armed with this wonderful information, she went ahead and made a couple of edits only to fall in love with Wikipedia. Catch her on Malayalam Wikipedia here.

My work[edit]



I served as a member of the Individual Engagement Grants Committee of the Wikimedia Foundation in 2013-14. I also served in the Wikimania jury for the year 2014-15.


Links to the pages of various Wikipedia outreach programs which I have organized or participated in the planning process can be seen here.


I was featured in the 2012 Thank You banners.


Links to my articles about Wikimedia movement on various blogs can be seen here.

Ideas and learning[edit]


Links to articles about me on various newspapers and websites can be viewed here.

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