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Vixx at the One Fine Day's Showcase on January 2015..JPG
VIXX at One Fine Day Press Conference 2015 (From left to right: Hyuk, Ravi, Hongbin, Ken, Leo and N)
Background information
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Genres K-pop
Years active 2012–present
Labels Jellyfish Entertainment, CJ E&M Music and Live
CJ Victor Entertainment (Japan)
  • N
  • Leo
  • Ken
  • Ravi
  • Hongbin
  • Hyuk

VIXX (Korean: 빅스; acronym for Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis) is a six member South Korean boy band, signed under Jellyfish Entertainment.[1][2] All members participated in Mnet's survival reality show MyDOL[1][2][3][4][5] and were chosen via an elimination system through viewer votes.[2][6] The name, VIXX, was also chosen by viewer votes.[2] VIXX consists of N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin, and Hyuk.



Before debuting, the VIXX members were 6 of 10 contestants featured in the Mnet reality show Mydol.[2][3][4][5] N, Leo, Hongbin and Ravi were featured in Brian Joo's "Let This Die" music video.[7] N, Leo, and Ravi were also featured in Seo In-guk's "Shake It Up".[8] Hongbin was featured in Seo In-guk's "Tease Me".[9]

2012: Superhero, Rock Ur Body and Jelly Christmas 2012 Heart Project[edit]

VIXX debuted with "Super Hero"[5] on May 24, 2012[2] on M! Countdown.[1][3][4] Their first overseas performance was at the Otakon Convention in Baltimore, Maryland on July 27.[10][11]

On August 14, VIXX released their second single album, as well as the music video for the title song, "Rock Ur Body".[12] The group also attended KCON 2012 on October 13.[13]

VIXX was also part of Jellyfish's winter project, Jelly Christmas 2012 Heart Project, with their label mates Lee Seok Hoon, Park Hyo Shin, Seo In-guk and Sung Shi Kyung. On December 5, the title track, "Because It's Christmas", was released digitally.[14]

2013: On and On, Hyde, Jekyll, Voodoo and Jelly Christmas 2013[edit]

On January 6, VIXX pre-released a single, "Don't Want to Be an Idol", from their third single album, On and On.[15] The title song, "On and On", was then released on January 17 along with the album itself.[16]

The title song, "Hyde", and the mini-album, Hyde, was released on May 20.[17] The title song, "G.R.8.U", of the repackaged album, Jekyll, was released on July 31. It debuted at #1 on three online music charts, namely Bugs, Naver Music and Soribada.

On November 8, VIXX pre-released a single, as well as the music video for the song, "Only U", from their upcoming full-length album, Voodoo. On November 20, the title song, "Voodoo Doll", was released and on November 25, the album itself was released. On December 6, VIXX grabbed the top spot for that week's episode of Music Bank with "Voodoo Doll", making it their first music show win since their debut.[18]

The artists of Jellyfish Entertainment, including VIXX, released their annual Christmas song on December 10, titled "Winter Confession" for Jelly Christmas 2013. The song topped the Instiz chart for 2 weeks in a row, the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 charts and also the Gaon charts.[19][20][21]

2014: Eternity, Darkest Angels and Error[edit]

On March 5, Jellyfish Entertainment announced that VIXX would be having a comeback in mid-April or early May.[22] On May 18, the title of VIXX's fourth single album, Eternity, was revealed through the group's official fancafe and the music video teaser was released on May 22. On May 27, the music video for "Eternity" was released along with the album itself.

On May 19, Jellyfish revealed that VIXX will be making their debut into the Japanese market with a full-length album, Darkest Angels, on July 2.[23][24]

On June 20, it was announced that VIXX will be attending KCON from August 9–10. This is VIXX's 2nd year attending, the first being in 2012.[25]

On September 25, Jellyfish Entertainment confirmed that VIXX will be having a comeback on October 14.[26] On October 4, the title song and track list of VIXX's second mini-album were revealed via their official site.[27][28] On October 10, VIXX released the music video teaser for "Error" and the music video was released along with the mini-album, Error on October 14.[29][30] On December 10, VIXX released the Japanese version of "Error", which included also the Japanese version of "Youth Hurts".

2015: Boys' Record,[edit]

On January 16, it was reported that VIXX was planning a February comeback with a new remake album.[31] On February 11, R.ef's "Farewell Formula" was revealed as the title track for the new remake album via VIXX's social media accounts.[32] On February 20, the music video teaser for "Love Equation" was released. On February 24, Boys' Record was released along with the music video for "Love Equation".


  • N (Cha Hak-yeon 차학연)
  • Leo (Jung Taek-woon 정택운)
  • Ken (Lee Jae-hwan 이재환)
  • Ravi (Kim Won-sik 김원식)
  • Hongbin (Lee Hong-bin 이홍빈)
  • Hyuk (Han Sang-hyuk 한상혁)


Main article: VIXX discography
  • Voodoo (2013)
  • Darkest Angels (2014)


Television Drama[edit]

Year Channel Title Member Role Notes
2013 SBS The Heirs All As themselves Cameo (Ep. 4)
2014 MBC Hotel King N Noah Supporting role
MBC Every 1 Boarding House No. 24 Ken Lee Jaehwan Main role
SBS Glorious Day Hongbin Yoo Ji-ho Supporting role
2015 SBS Family Outing N Cha Hak-yeon Supporting role

Reality Shows[edit]

Year Channel Title Notes
2012 Mnet MyDOL Their pre-debut survival show
SBS MTV VIXX's MTV Diary Their first reality show
2013 SBS MTV Plan V Diary Their second reality show
Mnet Japan VIXX File Their third reality show
2015 MBC VIXX's One Fine Day Their fourth reality show

Variety Shows[edit]

Year Channel Title Member Notes
2012 MBC All The K-Pop N, Ken, Hongbin Regular guest
TVN The Romantic & Idol Season 2 N Cast member
2013 KBS2 Let's Go! Dream Team Season 2 All Guest
KBS 1:100 N, Ken Guest
SBS Star King N, Ken Guest
MBC Quiz to Change the World N, Ken Guest
QTV Young Men Communications : Eunhee Counseling Center All Guest
MBC 2013 Idol Star Olympics Championships N, Leo Team C Participant
MBC 2013 Idol Star Athletics-Archery Championships N Team J Participant
2014 Mnet Beatles' Code 3 All Guest
MBC 2014 Idol Star Athletics Championships Hongbin, Hyuk, Ken, Ravi, Leo Team C Participant
Mnet 4 Things Show N Main star
Mnet Dirty Talk N, Ken, Hongbin, Hyuk Guest
MBC Every 1 Hitmaker N, Hyuk Cast member
SBS Law of the Jungle (TV series) Hyuk Cast member (Brazil edition)
MBC Every 1 Weekly Idol N, Hyuk Guest
SBS Star King Ken, Hongbin, Hyuk Guest
KBS2 Let's Go! Dream Team Season 2 Leo, Ravi Guest
MBC Every 1 Weekly Idol All Guest
TVN First Day Of Work Season 3 N Cast member
MBC Every 1 Hitmaker Season 2 N, Hyuk Cast member
2015 SBS Running Man N Guest
MBC Every 1 Bachelor's Party N Cast member
MBC Every 1 Weekly Idol Hyuk Guest
MBC Idol Sports Championship Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin Participant
SBS Star King N, Hyuk Guest


Year Title Member Role Notes
2014 Full House Leo Lee Young-jae Main role


Year Channel Title Member Notes
2013 SBS MTV The Show N Special MC
MBC Music Show Champion True Back Show N Regular host
MBC Music Show Champion N Special MC
SBS MTV The Show N, Ravi Special MC
2014 MBC Show! Music Core N Special MC
Mnet Mnet Wide Open Studio N, Hyuk Guest host
MBC Show! Music Core N Special MC
MBC Music Show Champion N, Ken, Hongbin Special MC
2015 SBS MTV The Show Hongbin Regular MC
MBC Show! Music Core N Regular MC


Music videos[edit]

Year Song Notes Official MV
2012 "Super Hero" RealVIXX
"Rock Ur Body" Guest appearance by Dasom of SISTAR RealVIXX
2013 "On and On" RealVIXX
"Hyde" RealVIXX
"G.R.8.U" RealVIXX
"Girls, Why?" With female duo OKDAL RealVIXX
"Only U" RealVIXX
"Voodoo Doll" RealVIXX
"Voodoo Doll (Clean Version)" "RealVIXX"
2014 "Eternity" RealVIXX
"Eternity (Dance ver,)" RealVIXX
"Error" Guest Appearance by Youngji of KARA RealVIXX
"Error (Lip&Dance ver.)" RealVIXX
2015 Love Equation RealVIXX
2014 "Error (Short ver.)" CJVE

Other Videos[edit]

Year Song Notes
2012 Because It's Christmas Jellyfish Entertainment Collaboration
2014 Blossom Tears Leo Duet with LYN.
Stress Come On Big Byung Project Group. (N, Hyuk, Jackson (GOT7), Sungjae (BTOB).
2015 Ojingeo Doenjang Big Byung Project Group. (N, Hyuk, Jackson (GOT7), Sungjae (BTOB).

Music Video Appearances[edit]

Year Music video Artist(s) Official video Member
2011 "Shake It Up" Seo In-guk YouTube N, Leo, Hongbin, Ravi
2012 "Let This Die" Brian Joo YouTube N, Leo, Ravi
"Tease me" Seo In-guk YouTube Hongbin
2014 "Peppermint Chocolate" K.Will, MAMAMOO, Wheesung YouTube N, Hongbin


  • 2013: The Milky Way Global Showcase
  • 2014: VIXX Live Fantasia - Hex Sign
  • 2014: VIXX US Tour
  • 2015: VIXX Live Fantasia - UTOPIA

Awards and nominations[edit]

For more details on this topic, see List of awards and nominations received by VIXX.


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