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Sveitarfélagið Árborg
Sveitarfélagið Árborg is located in Iceland
Sveitarfélagið Árborg
Sveitarfélagið Árborg
63°56′10″N 21°00′00″W / 63.93611°N 21.00000°W / 63.93611; -21.00000Coordinates: 63°56′10″N 21°00′00″W / 63.93611°N 21.00000°W / 63.93611; -21.00000
RegionSouthern Region
ConstituencySouth Constituency
ManagerÁsta Stefánsdóttir
Area158 km2 (61 sq mi)
Population9,485 (2019)[1]
Density60.30/km2 (156.2/sq mi)
Municipal number8200
Postal code(s)800, 801, 802, 820, 825

Sveitarfélagið Árborg is the biggest municipality in southern Iceland founded in 1998. The biggest town in the municipality is Selfoss. Eyrarbakki and Stokkseyri are two communities on the southern coast and Sandvíkurhreppur is a rural administrative region between those three other towns.

The area was represented in the fifth episode of the first season of the parody TV series Documentary Now! as the host of an Al Capone Festival.

Twin towns — sister cities[edit]

Árborg is twinned with:

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