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Seltjarnarness COA.svg
Coat of arms of Seltjarnarnesbær
Seltjarnarneskaupstadur map.svg
Location of Seltjarnarnesbær
RegionCapital Region
ConstituencySouthwest Constituency
Market right20 April 1974
MayorÁsgerður Halldórsdóttir (IP)
Area2 km2 (0.77 sq mi)
Population4,660 (2018)
Density2,205.5/km2 (5,712/sq mi)
Municipal number1100
Postal code(s)170–172 (in Icelandic)

Seltjarnarnes is an Icelandic township located within the Capital Region.

It took on its current political form shortly after the Second World War and was formally created as a township in 1947. It is the smallest Icelandic township by land.


The "Grótta"

There are two schools in Seltjarnarnes, Mýrarhúsaskóli and Valhúsaskóli.

The Independence Party has had an overall control in the town's council since proper elections started in 1962. Icelandic first lady Guðrún Katrín Þorbergsdóttir held a position in the city council for 16 years. In the last elections in 2014, the party received 52,6% of the votes and 4 out of 7 members of the council. Other parties represented in the town council are Samfylkingin with 2 members and Neslistinn with one member. The mayor is Ásgerður Halldórsdóttir.

Seltjarnarnes became the world's first town where every citizen had access to fiber optics in 2007.[1]


The local football team Grótta play in Iceland's first level division. Grótta's handball teams play in Iceland's top division. Grótta's women's team were Icelandic champions in 2015 and 2016. Grótta also has gymnastics and weight-lifting.[2]

Notable people[edit]


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