Êzîdxan Women's Units

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Êzidxan Women's Units
Yekinêyen Jinên Êzidxan (YJÊ)
Participant in Iraqi Civil War (2014–present)
Flag of Sinjar Womens Units.svg
Flag of Sinjar Women's Units
Active 2015–present[1]
Status Active
Ideology Democratic Confederalism
Yazidi regionalism
Allegiance Ezidi Freedom and Democracy Party (PADE)[2][3][4]

Berivan Aslan (chief commander)
Rosyar Vejin[5] (Khanasor commander)

"Koçber"[6] (Manbij commander)
Headquarters Sinjar, Nineveh Governorate, Iraq
Part of Sinjar Alliance
Originated as Sinjar Women’s Defense Units (YPJ-Sinjar)

Sinjar Resistance Units (YBŞ)
Protection Force of Sinjar (HPŞ)
Free Women's Units (YJA-Star)
Bethnahrain Women's Protection Forces

Women's Protection Units (YPJ)

 Islamic State

Rojava Peshmerga[5]
Battles and wars

Iraqi Civil War (2014–present)

Syrian Civil War

The Êzidxan Women's Units (Kurdish: Yekinêyen Jinên Êzidxan‎ or YJÊ) is a Yazidi all-women militia formed in Iraq in 2015 to protect the Yazidi community in the wake of attacks by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and other Islamist groups that view Yazidis as pagan infidels.[8]

An offshoot of the mixed-gender Yazidi militia Sinjar Resistance Units (YBŞ), the YJÊ was founded on 5 January 2015 under the original name of Yekîneyên Parastina Jin ê Şengalê (Kurdish: Sinjar Women’s Protection Units‎, YJŞ[9]), or YPJ-Sinjar.[1] The militia adopted its current name on 26 October 2015.[10]

The organization follows imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan's feminist Jineology,[1] and with the broader concept of Democratic Confederalism as advocated by the Group of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK).[11][12]


In October 2015, the YJÊ participated in the foundation of the Sinjar Alliance as an all-Yezidi joint commando umbrella structure, along with the Sinjar Resistance Units (YBŞ), the formerly Peshmerga-aligned Protection Force of Sinjar (HPŞ)[13] and other, independent Yezidi units committed to the united Yezidi front.[14]

Under the joint command of the newly founded Sinjar Alliance, the Êzidxan Women's Units took part in the November 2015 Sinjar offensive.[15]

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