1905 Copa del Rey Final

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1905 Copa del Rey Final
Event1905 Copa del Rey
Date18 April 1905
VenueHipódromo, Madrid
RefereeEngland Forster

The 1905 Copa del Rey Final was the third final of the Copa del Rey, the Spanish football cup competition. The match took place on 18 April 1905 at the Hipódromo, Madrid. The match was contested by Athletic Bilbao and Madrid CF.

Madrid CF lifted the trophy for the first time with a 1–0 victory over Athletic Bilbao.

Match details[edit]

Athletic Bilbao0–1Madrid CF
Manuel Prast Goal 70'
Referee: England Forster

[1] [2] [3]

Spain Prado
Spain Hermenegildo García
Spain J. Irízar
Spain Ruesch
Spain Tomás Murga
Spain Luis Silva
England Davies
Spain Marqués de Valdeterrazo
England William Dyer
Spain Alejandro de la Sota
Spain Benigno Larrea
Spain Manuel Alcalde
Spain José Berraondo (c)
Spain Telesforo Álvarez
Spain Eugenio Bisbal
Spain Luciano Lizárraga
France Henri Normand
France Pedro Parages
Spain Manuel Prast
Spain Antonio Alonso
Guatemala Federico Revuelto
Spain Joaquín Yarza

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