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List of years in South Africa


Unknown date
  • A contract is awarded to the Hollandse Anneming Maatschappij Eiendoms Beperk to construct a new Table Bay harbour in Cape Town by reclaiming ground on the Foreshore and building new and deeper docks.[1]:124–125[2]:122




Railway lines opened[edit]

  • 6 November – Transvaal – Midway to Bank, 21 miles 2 chains (33.8 kilometres).[3]


  • Three new locomotive types enter service on the South African Railways (SAR):
    • The first of the Class 15F 4-8-2 Mountain type, at 255 the most numerous steam locomotive class on the South African Railways (SAR).[4]:90–91
    • One hundred and thirty-six Class 23 locomotives enter service, the last and the largest 4-8-2 Mountain type locomotive to be designed by the SAR.[1]:98–100[2]:75–76[4]:105[5]
    • The first of sixteen Class GM 4-8-2+2-8-4 Double Mountain type Garratt articulated steam locomotives.[1]:96–97[2]:94–95[6]


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