1987 World Championships in Athletics – Men's decathlon

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Events at the
1987 World Championships
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Track events
100 m   men   women
200 m men women
400 m men women
800 m men women
1500 m men women
3000 m women
5000 m men
10,000 m men women
100 m hurdles women
110 m hurdles men
400 m hurdles men women
3000 m
4×100 m relay men women
4×400 m relay men women
Road events
Marathon men women
10 km walk women
20 km walk men
50 km walk men
Field events
Long jump men women
Triple jump men
High jump men women
Pole vault men
Shot put men women
Discus throw men women
Javelin throw men women
Hammer throw men
Combined events
Heptathlon women
Decathlon men

These are the official results of the Men's Decathlon competition at the 1987 World Championships in Rome, Italy. There were a total number of 28 participating athletes, including ten non-finishers. The competition started on September 3, 1987, and ended on September 4, 1987.


Gold East Germany Torsten Voss
East Germany (GDR)
Silver West Germany Siegfried Wentz
West Germany (FRG)
Bronze Soviet Union Pavel Tarnavetskiy
Soviet Union (URS)


Thursday, September 3
  1. 100 m
  2. Long Jump
  3. Shot Put
  4. High Jump
  5. 400 m
Friday, September 4
  1. 110 m hurdles
  2. Discus Throw
  3. Pole Vault
  4. Javelin Throw
  5. 1,500 m


Standing records prior to the 1987 World Athletics Championships
World Record  Daley Thompson (GBR) 8847 August 9, 1984 United States Los Angeles, United States
Event Record  Daley Thompson (GBR) 8714 August 13, 1983 Finland Helsinki, Finland
Season Best  Siegfried Wentz (FRG) 8645 May 24, 1987 Austria Götzis, Austria
Broken records during the 1987 World Athletics Championships
Season Best  Torsten Voss (GDR) 8680 September 4, 1987 Italy Rome, Italy


Med 1.png  Torsten Voss (GDR) 8680
Med 2.png  Siegfried Wentz (FRG) 8461
Med 3.png  Pavel Tarnavetskiy (URS) 8375
4.  Christian Plaziat (FRA) 8307
5.  Christian Schenk (GDR) 8304
6.  Simon Poelman (NZL) 8296
7.  Alain Blondel (FRA) 8178
8.  Aleksandr Nevskiy (URS) 8174
9.  Daley Thompson (GBR) 8124
10.  William Motti (FRA) 8062
11.  Beat Gähwiler (SUI) 8034
12.  Gary Kinder (USA) 8030
13.  Rob Muzzio (USA) 8017
14.  Michael Neugebauer (FRG) 7733
15.  Mikael Olander (SWE) 7696
16.  Veroslav Valenta (TCH) 7574
17.  Lars Warming (DEN) 7537
18.  Paul Hewlett (IVB) 7537
 Pedro da Silva (BRA) DNF
 Dave Steen (CAN) DNF
 Valter Külvet (URS) DNF
 Petri Keskitalo (FIN) DNF
 Jürgen Hingsen (FRG) DNF
 Marco Rossi (ITA) DNF
 Fu-An Lee (TPE) DNF
 Tim Bright (USA) DNF
 Mike Smith (CAN) DNF
 Robert de Wit (NED) DNF

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