2004 Voyageurs Cup

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2004 Voyageurs Cup
2004 Coupe des Voyageurs (in French)
ChampionsMontreal Impact (3rd title)
Runners-upToronto Lynx
Matches played20
Goals scored55 (2.75 per match)
Top goal scorer(s)Charles Gbeke
(5 goals)

The 2004 Voyageurs Cup was the third Voyageurs Cup tournament which was started by the Canadian supporters group The Voyageurs.[1][2] The 2004 Edition of the competition featured the expansion Edmonton Aviators as well as the four 2003 teams: Calgary Storm (now Calgary Mustangs), Montreal Impact, Toronto Lynx and Vancouver Whitecaps.

Similar to the 2003 Voyageurs Cup competition Montreal Impact built up an early lead with three wins and a draw in the competition's first four games that the other teams could not overcome even though Montreal Impact only clinched their third Voyageurs Cup in a row in their last match with a 2–0 over Edmonton FC on Aug. 25 (the competition's penultimate match).[3]


The competition was set up on the league principle with each team playing two matches (home and away) against each other team for a total of eight matches per team. The entire competition totaled twenty matches. All matches were part of the 2004 USL A-League regular season with the last home and away matches included when more than two matches were played due to the unbalanced league schedule. In each match, 3 points are awarded for a win, 1 point is awarded for a draw, and 0 points are awarded for a loss. The five teams are ranked according to the total number of points obtained in all matches.[4]

The team ranked highest after all matches have been played was the champion awarded the 2004 Voyageurs Cup.


2004-Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD
Montreal Impact 18 8 5 3 0 13 2 +11
Toronto Lynx 13 8 4 1 3 13 12 +1
Edmonton Aviators 11 8 3 2 3 11 14 −3
Vancouver Whitecaps 8 8 2 2 4 8 13 −5
Calgary Mustangs 5 8 1 2 5 10 14 −4


Toronto Lynx0–2Montreal Impact
Report Frederick Commodore Goal 14'
Frederick Commodore Goal 43'
Attendance: 1,826
Referee: Jose Farias

Vancouver Whitecaps0–3Montreal Impact
Report António Ribeiro Goal 27'
JJ Bailey Goal 44'
JJ Bailey Goal 79'
Attendance: 4,613
Referee: Michael Lambert

Edmonton F.C.1–1Montreal Impact
Jaime Lopresti Goal 81' Report Darko Kolic Goal 90'
Attendance: 3,823
Referee: Joe Branco

Calgary Mustangs3–0Vancouver Whitecaps
Conrad Smith Goal 18'
Conrad Smith Goal 41'
Mesut Mert Goal 43'
Attendance: 1,867
Referee: Bernhardssen

Montreal Impact1–1Toronto Lynx
Mauricio Vincello Goal 69' Report Darren Baxter Goal 60'
Attendance: 9,289
Referee: Rob Aritle

Calgary Mustangs1–1Edmonton F.C.
Jaime Auvigne Goal 78' (PK) Report Nikola Vignjevic Goal 4'

Vancouver Whitecaps1–3Toronto Lynx
Johnny Sulentic Goal 62'
Oliver Heald Goal 90' (PK)
Johnny Sulentic Goal 90'
Report Charles Gbeke Goal 75'
Attendance: 4,729
Referee: Tiger Lui

Vancouver Whitecaps2–3Edmonton F.C.
Davide Xausa Goal 14'
Alfredo Valente Goal 24'
Report Sean Fraser Goal 45'
Fred Akok Goal 52'
Sean Fraser Goal 89'
Attendance: 3,837
Referee: Steve Dipiero

Toronto Lynx2–1Calgary Mustangs
Andres Arango Goal 53'
Ali Gerba Goal 91'
Report Walter Otta Goal 10'
Attendance: 3,462
Referee: Simon Moreatroyd

Montreal Impact2–0Calgary Mustangs
Eduardo Sebrango Goal 23'
Zé Roberto Goal 44'
Attendance: 9,752
Referee: Dominic Rossetto

Calgary Mustangs2–3Toronto Lynx
Conrad Smith Goal 16'
Geert Brusselers Goal 29'
Report Gerba Goal 9'
Gerba Goal 22'
Charles Gbeke Goal 49'

Edmonton F.C.2–1Toronto Lynx
Sipho Sibiya Goal 38'
Chris Devlin Goal 110'
Report Charles Gbeke Goal 68'
Attendance: 473
Referee: John De La Cruz

Vancouver Whitecaps1–1Calgary Mustangs
Jason Jordan Goal 60' Report Steffen Holdt Goal 90'
Attendance: 4,853
Referee: David Gantar

Montreal Impact0–0Vancouver Whitecaps
Attendance: 11,019
Referee: Steve DePiero

Toronto Lynx2–0Vancouver Whitecaps
Darren Baxter Goal 28'
Charles Gbeke Goal 89'
Attendance: 2,358
Referee: Jeff Corrivault

Edmonton F.C.3–2Calgary Mustangs
Fred Akok Goal 30'
Sean Fraser Goal 45'
Nikola Vignjević Goal 110' (PK)
Report Mesut Mert Goal 8'
Walter Otta Goal 27'
Attendance: 527
Referee: Paul Ward

Montreal Impact2–0Edmonton F.C.
Zé Roberto Goal 21'
Eduardo Sebrango Goal 22'
Attendance: 10,122
Referee: Jose Farias

Toronto Lynx3–1Edmonton F.C.
Vinicius Brito Goal 27'
Charles Gbeke Goal 61'
Shawn Faria Goal 67'
Report Gordon Chin Goal 75'
Attendance: 2,075
Referee: Tiger Liu


Voyageurs Cup:
Montreal Impact
3rd Voyageurs Cup Win

Top scorers[edit]

Rank Player Club Goals
1 Canada Charles Gbeke Toronto Lynx 5
2 Ghana Frederick Commodore Montreal Impact 3
Canada Ali Gerba Toronto Lynx 3
Canada Sean Fraser Edmonton Aviators 3
Trinidad and Tobago Conrad Smith Calgary Mustangs 3
Canada Davide Xausa Vancouver Whitecaps 3
7 Liberia Fred Akok Edmonton Aviators 2
Brazil Zé Roberto Montreal Impact 2
Cuba Eduardo Sebrango Montreal Impact 2
Canada Johnny Sulentic Vancouver Whitecaps 2
Trinidad and Tobago Joel John Bailey Montreal Impact 2
England Darren Baxter Toronto Lynx 2
Bulgaria Mesut Mert Calgary Mustangs 2
Argentina Walter Otta Calgary Mustangs 2
Serbia Nikola Vignjevic Edmonton Aviators 2
16 Canada Andres Arango Toronto Lynx 1
Brazil Vinicius Brito Toronto Lynx 1
Netherlands Geert Brusselers Calgary Mustangs 1
Canada Shawn Faria Toronto Lynx 1
Canada Steffen Holdt Calgary Mustangs 1
Canada Jason Jordan Vancouver Whitecaps 1
Canada Patrick Leduc Montreal Impact 1
Canada Gordon Chin Edmonton Aviators 1
Serbia Darko Kolic Montreal Impact 1
Canada Chris Devlin Edmonton Aviators 1
Canada António Ribeiro Montreal Impact 1
Canada Sipho Sibiya Edmonton Aviators 1
Canada Alfredo Valente Vancouver Whitecaps 1
Canada Oliver Heald Vancouver Whitecaps 1
Argentina Mauricio Vincello Montreal Impact 1
Canada Jamie Auvigne Calgary Mustangs 1
Chile Jaime Lopresti Edmonton Aviators 1


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