2011–12 Swiss Cup

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2011–12 Swiss Cup
Country  Switzerland
ChampionsFC Basel
Runners-upFC Luzern

The 2011–12 Swiss Cup is the 87th season of Switzerland's annual football cup competition. It will begin on 16 September 2011 with the first games of Round 1 and will end on 16 May 2012 with the Final in the Stade de Suisse in Berne. The winners of the competition will qualify for the play-off round[1] of the 2012–13 UEFA Europa League. The current title holders are FC Sion.

Participating clubs[edit]

All ten Super League teams and fifteen Challenge League clubs (FC Vaduz are from Liechtenstein and thus play in the 2011–12 Liechtenstein Cup) have entered this year's competition, as well as 13 teams from 1. Liga and 26 teams from lower leagues. Teams from 1. Liga and below had to qualify through separate qualifying rounds within their leagues.

2011–12 Super League
10 teams
2011–12 Challenge League
15 teams
2011–12 1. Liga
13 teams
Amateur teams
26 teams

Fourth level

  • FC Chur 97
  • FC Collex-Bossy
  • US Collombey-Muraz
  • FC Entfelden
  • FC Eschenbach
  • FC Freienbach
  • FC Hergiswil
  • FC Langenthal
  • Losone Sportiva
  • FC Stade-Lausanne-Ouchy
  • US Terre-Sainte
  • FC Töss

Fifth level

  • FC Abtwil-Engelburg
  • FC Amicitia Riehen
  • FC Ascona
  • FC Colombier
  • FC Gumefens/Sorens
  • FC Herzogenbuchsee
  • FC Konolfingen
  • FC Renens
  • FC Schattdorf
  • FC United Zürich

Sixth level

  • FC Deitingen
  • FC Domdidier
  • FC Ellikon Marthalen
  • FC Henau

Round 1[edit]

Teams from Super League and Challenge League were seeded in this round. In a match, the home advantage was granted to the team from the lower league, if applicable. The games were played on 16, 17 and 18 September 2011.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
16 September 2011
FC Hergiswil 1–3 FC Locarno
FC Langenthal 1–3 Yverdon-Sport FC
17 September 2011
US Terre-Sainte 2–5 (aet) SC Brühl
FC Deitingen 1–4 FC Schattdorf
FC Naters 1–5 FC St. Gallen
FC Stade-Lausanne-Ouchy 0–5 FC Thun
FC Konolfingen 1–2 FC Grand-Lancy
FC Collex-Bossy 1–8 FC Lausanne-Sport
FC Eschenbach 0–4 FC Basel
FC Henau 1–5 FC Wohlen
FC Herzogenbuchsee 1–3 FC Breitenrain
FC Abtwil-Engelburg 1–5 Stade Nyonnais
US Collombey-Muraz 0–5 FC Schötz
FC Amicitia Riehen 0–8 FC Aarau
FC Ascona 1–2 FC Chiasso
FC Ellikon Marthalen 3–10 FC Freienbach
FC Töss 0–10 Grasshoppers Zürich
FC United Zürich 1–5 (aet) FC Lugano
FC Domdidier 0–8 BSC Young Boys
ES FC Malley 3–3 (aet),
(p. 3–1)
SR Delémont
FC Grenchen 0–5 FC Zürich
FC Renens 1–4 FC Wil
18 September 2011
SC Cham 2–0 Étoile Carouge FC
FC Colombier 0–5 FC Sion
SC Düdingen 1–4 (aet) Servette FC
FC Tuggen 3–0 SC Dornach
FC Chur 97 1–2 Neuchâtel Xamax
FC Entfelden 0–9 SC Kriens
Losone Sportiva 0–3 FC Luzern
FC Gumefens/Sorens 1–3 AC Bellinzona
FC Baden 0–1 FC Winterthur
GC Biaschesi 1–2 FC Biel-Bienne

Round 2[edit]

The winners of Round 1 played in this round. Teams from Super League were seeded, the home advantage was granted to the team from the lower league, if applicable. The games were played on 15 and 16 October 2011.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
15 October 2011
FC Breitenrain 1–2 FC Tuggen
FC Schattdorf 0–5 FC Lausanne-Sport
FC Schötz 1–5 FC Basel
FC Aarau 1–3 FC Zürich
FC Sion 2–1 Stade Nyonnais
Yverdon-Sport 1–3 Servette FC
FC Winterthur 2–0 SC Brühl
ES FC Malley 0–1 AC Bellinzona
16 October 2010
SC Cham 1–5 FC Wohlen
FC Chiasso 0–1 Grasshoppers Zürich
FC Freienbach 0–4 BSC Young Boys
FC Grand-Lancy 1–3 FC Luzern
SC Kriens 2–1 Neuchâtel Xamax
FC Lugano 0–1 (aet) FC Biel/Bienne
FC St. Gallen 2–0 FC Thun
FC Locarno 1–1 (aet),
(p. 4–5)
FC Wil

Round 3[edit]

The winners of Round 2 played in this round, the home advantage was granted to the team from the lower league, if applicable. The games were played on 26–27 November 2011.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
26 November 2011
FC Tuggen 1–2 FC Sion
AC Bellinzona 0–4 FC Lausanne-Sport
FC Wil 2−3 (aet) FC Basel
27 November 2011
FC Biel-Bienne 3−0 Servette FC
FC St. Gallen 4−2 FC Zürich
SC Kriens 2–2 (aet),
(p. 3–5)
Grasshoppers Zürich
FC Winterthur 1–1 (aet),
(p. 3–2)
BSC Young Boys
FC Wohlen 1−2 FC Luzern


The winners of Round 3 play in the Quarterfinals, there is no home advantage granted in the draw. The games will be played on the 20 and 21 March 2012.

FC Luzern3 – 0Grasshoppers Zürich
Lezcano Goal 42'
Ferreira Goal 61'
Lustenberger Goal 80'
Attendance: 7,034
Referee: Sascha Kever (Breganzona)

FC Winterthur2 − 2 (a.e.t.)FC St. Gallen
Radice Goal 26'
Bengondo Goal 82'
Report Goal 17' Yellow card 55' Mathys
Goal 19' Sutter
Zuffi Penalty scored
Bengondo Penalty scored
Iten Penalty scored
Lenjani Penalty scored
Sereinig Penalty scored
5 − 4 Penalty scored Scarione
Penalty scored Jagne
Penalty scored Montandon
Penalty scored Muntwiler
Penalty missed Regazzoni
Attendance: 8,500
Referee: Stephan Klossner (Willisau)

FC Basel5 − 2FC Lausanne-Sport
Katz Goal 24' (o.g.)
Streller Goal 50'89'
A. Frei Goal 59' (pen.)
F. Frei Goal 90+2'
Report Goal 45'71' Roux
Attendance: 8,028
Referee: Cyril Zimmermann (Münsingen)

FC Biel-Bienne1 − 3FC Sion
Doudin Yellow card 65' Red card 90+3' Goal 21'
Rafael Schweizer Yellow card 34'
Sallaj Yellow card 90+1'
Report Goal 9' Yoda
Yellow card 54' Wüthrich
Yellow card 68' Obradović
Goal 82' Vanczák
Goal 90+4' (pen.) Danilo
Attendance: 3,938
Referee: Adrien Jaccottet (Basel)


The winners of Quarterfinals play in the Semifinals, there is no home advantage granted in the draw. The games were played on the 11 and 15 April 2012.

FC Sion0 – 1FC Luzern
Adailton Yellow card 9'
Sauthier Yellow card 19'
Bühler Yellow card 57'
Report Goal 7' Winter
Yellow card 12' Ohayon
Attendance: 12,000

FC Winterthur1 – 2FC Basel
Bengondo Yellow card 42'
Lüscher Yellow card 68'
Kuzmanovic Yellow card 45' Goal 90+3' (pen.)
Report Yellow card 26' Yapi
Goal 38' Streller
Yellow card 64' F. Frei
Goal 89' Yellow card 90+4' A. Frei
Attendance: 8,500 (sold out)
Referee: Alain Bieri (Bern)


The Final was played between the two Semifinal winners and took place at Stade de Suisse in Berne.

FC Basel1 – 1 (a.e.t.)FC Luzern
Dragović Yellow card 40'
Huggel Goal 56'
Xhaka Yellow card 90'
Report (in German) Yellow card 57' Wiss
Goal 67' Puljić
Yellow card 90' Gygax
Yapi Yapo Penalty scored
Streller Penalty scored
Zoua Penalty scored
Shaqiri Penalty scored
4 – 2 Penalty scored Renggli
Penalty missed Ohayon
Penalty scored Gygax
Penalty missed Stahel
Attendance: 30,100


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