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Sepultura - Against.jpg
Studio album by Sepultura
Released 6 October 1998
Recorded 1998
Genre Groove metal
Length 47:26
Label Roadrunner
Producer Howard Benson
Sepultura chronology
Singles from Against
  1. "Against"
    Released: November 1998
  2. "Choke"
    Released: 1999
  3. "Tribus"
    Released: June 1999

Against is the seventh studio album by the Brazilian metal band Sepultura, released in 1998 through Roadrunner Records. It is the band's first release with new frontman Derrick Green, who replaced group founder Max Cavalera in 1997.

Album information[edit]

Like Roots that preceded it, the album has a variety of guest musicians and incorporates tribal influences – Japanese percussion elements are added with the assistance of Japanese taiko group Kodo.

The songs "Against", "Choke" and "Tribus" were released as singles, with a music video accompanying "Choke". The video featured footage from the Barulho Contra Fome (Noise Against Hunger) concert that was the first gig of the Against tour. This performance included guest appearances from the Xavantes tribe, who had featured on Roots (as documented in the "Choke" video) as well as Mike Patton, Jason Newsted, Carlinhos Brown, original Sepultura guitarist Jairo Guedz and Coffin Joe (whose "blessing" of the band performed during this concert turned up as a B-side entitled "Prenúncio" on the Tribus EP).

The flute section of "Kamaitachi" performed by Kodo is heavily based on that in "The Hunted" which appeared on Kodo's Ibuki album and was originally composed for the soundtrack of the movie of the same name. The song "The Waste" (a vocal version of "Kamaitachi" featuring Mike Patton on vocals which appeared on the single B-sides) is featured in the movie Freddy vs. Jason and its soundtrack.

The band supported Metallica in the latter's May 1999 tour in Brazil.[1]


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 3/5 stars[2]
Chronicles of Chaos 9/10 stars[3]

Against was a commercial disappointment compared to Roots, selling only 18,000 copies its first week in the US.[4] Against has sold over 130,000 copies in the United States.[4] Allmusic gave the album 3 stars out of 5 and said that, "there are enough flashes of the old Sepultura brilliance to suggest that great things are still to come."

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Sepultura, except where noted.

No. Title Lyrics Length
1. "Against" Igor Cavalera, Andreas Kisser 1:54
2. "Choke" Cavalera, Kisser 3:36
3. "Rumors" Cavalera, Kisser 3:04
4. "Old Earth" Cavalera, Derrick Green, Kisser, Paulo Jr 4:28
5. "Floaters in Mud" Cavalera, Green, Kisser 4:58
6. "Boycott" Cavalera, Kisser 3:10
7. "Tribus" Cavalera, Kisser 1:39
8. "Common Bonds" Cavalera, Kisser, Paulo Jr 2:58
9. "F.O.E. (Freedom of Expression)" (J.B. Pickers cover*) Jimmy Bowen 2:08
10. "Reza" (Pray – feat. João Gordo from Ratos de Porão on vocals) Cavalera, João Gordo, Kisser 2:16
11. "Unconscious" Cavalera, Kisser 3:37
12. "Kamaitachi" (feat. Kodo) Cavalera, Kisser 3:03
13. "Drowned Out" Cavalera, Kisser 1:28
14. "Hatred Aside" (feat. Jason Newsted from Metallica on baritone guitar, percussion, theremin and vocals) Cavalera, Green, Kisser, Jason Newsted, Paulo Jr 5:13
15. "T3rcermillennium" Cavalera, Kisser, Paulo Jr 3:56
Brazilian bonus tracks
No. Title Length
16. "Gene Machine/Don't Bother Me" (Bad Brains cover) 2:51
17. "Prenúncio" (Prenounce – feat. Coffin Joe and Jairo Guedz) 5:10

*on the Vanishing Point soundtrack as "Freedom of Expression"


  • "Choke" – Released in 1998.
No. Title Length
1. "Choke" 3:36
2. "Gene Machine/Don't Bother Me" (Bad Brains cover) 2:51
3. "Against (Demo)" 1:38
  • "Against" – Released in 1999
No. Title Length
1. "Against" 1:54
2. "The Waste" (feat. Mike Patton and Kodo – a vocal version of Kamaitachi) 3:39
3. "Tribus (Demo)" 1:45
4. "Common Bonds (Alternate Mix)" 3:04
  • "Tribus" – Released in 1999
No. Title Length
1. "The Waste" (feat. Mike Patton and Kodo – a vocal version of Kamaitachi) 3:39
2. "Tribus (Demo)" 1:45
3. "Common Bonds (Alternate Mix)" 3:04
4. "Unconscious (Demo)" 3:42
5. "F.O.E. (Extended Mix)" (Jimmy Bowen cover) 3:04
6. "Prenúncio" (Prenounce – feat. Coffin Joe and Jairo Guedz) 5:10

Chart performance[edit]

Album – Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position
1998 The Billboard 200 82[5]



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