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Against Malaria Foundation
Against Malaria Foundation.svg
FoundedAugust 2004; 16 years ago (August 2004)[1]
FounderRob Mather
PurposePreventing malaria
Area served
Sub-Saharan Africa
Key people
  • Rob Mather
  • Sean Good
  • Andrew Garner
  • Peter Sherratt[2]

The Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) is a United Kingdom-based charity[3] that provides long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) to populations at high risk of malaria, primarily in Africa. As of April 2019, the foundation has raised $197 million[4] and distributed or committed to fund 90 million LLINs[5] since its founding in 2004.

Nets are distributed through partnerships with the International Red Cross, the Malaria Consortium, and others, with partners responsible for the costs of distribution. Distributions include malaria education for the local population, and they are documented through reports, photos, and video.[6] Post-distribution check-ups are carried out 6, 12, 18, 24, and 30 months to assess net usage and conditions.[7]:4

AMF has eight trustees and an advisory committee drawn from malaria experts around the world.[8] The charity is registered in the United Kingdom and governed by the laws of England and Wales. It is also registered in the USA, Germany, Canada, Japan, and other countries.[9]


The World Swim Against Malaria was the brainchild of Rob Mather, a London-based strategy consultant. Mather had earlier organized a swim to raise money for a 2-year-old girl who was badly burned in a house fire. Held in December 2003, the "Swim for Terri"[10] started as a three-person fundraiser and grew to include 10,000 swimmers in 73 countries.[11]

In 2012, AMF did not undertake all planned distributions due to safety concerns in Mali and concerns about transparency with potential partners in Malawi and Togo.[12]

AMF has been rated as a highly cost-effective charity by GiveWell.[13][14]

Partners and supporters[edit]

AMF is supported by more than 100 corporations.[15] AMF's principal partners are PwC, Citigroup, Speedo, Microsoft, Allen & Overy, Attenda, Vestergaard Frandsen, and Sumitomo Chemical. Speedo also partnered with AMF's precursor organization, World Swim Against Malaria, and continues to raise money for bednets through swimming events.[16]

AMF's principal distribution partners are Population Services International, the Malaria Consortium, Partners In Health, the Red Cross, World Vision, and Concern Universal.[17] Sixty organizations fundraise for bednets using AMF's website or their own.[18]


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