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An airline consolidator is a wholesaler of airline tickets, sometimes described as a broker. Airlines make tickets available to consolidators at significant discounts and special conditions to those available to the general public. Consolidators seek to reach more niche markets, and are able to offer discounts and fare flexibility that is relevant to the target group.

Consolidators enter contracts with major carriers to sell at reduced prices to niche markets, the main benefit being that fares through consolidators will be lower than published rates available from the airlines themselves. Consolidators normally do not buy the seats in bulk for resale, they sell the available seats at contracted rates. Airlines normally preset the selling rates for these fares for sale to sub-agents and to end customers, thereby ensuring that the fares are not undercut.

Consolidators most commonly operate in international markets. In domestic markets, they typically only offer business class and first class tickets. Tickets purchased through consolidators may have very different fare rules than published fares, and sometimes frequent flyer credits may not accrue.

Even though many consolidators are online, most consolidators still work only through retail travel agents. Many consolidators also act as host agencies for local travel agencies. Today many of the online OTA use consolidators to increase margins on sales since airlines do not pay commissions.


A List of Airline Consolidators

  • TravelAgentMall West Bloomfield Township, Michigan 48325; telephone +1 248-488-7700 provides access to the best consolidator airfares for more than 350+ Airlines on a single platform.
  • ll Continents Travel, Los Angeles; telephone (800) 368-6822 or (310) 337-1641, fax (310) 645-0412. Specializes in tickets to Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe, South Pacific.
  • Cheap Tickets, Honolulu-based, with Southern California offices in Los Angeles and Fullerton; tel. (800) 377-1000. The Americas, Europe, South Pacific.
  • Flight Coordinators, Santa Monica; tel. (800) 544-3644, fax (310) 581-5620. Africa, Asia, Europe, South Pacific.
  • Levon Travel, Los Angeles; tel. (800) 445-3866 or (213) 871-8711, fax (213) 462-7410. United States, Middle East, Europe and Armenia.
  • Sita World Travel, Sun Valley; tel. (800) 421-5643 or (818) 767-0039, fax (818) 767-4346. Africa, Asia, Europe, South Pacific.
  • South Star Tours, El Segundo; tel. (800) 654-4468 or (310) 416-1001, fax (310) 416-8703. Central and South America.
  • Southern Connections Tours, North Hollywood; tel. (800) 635-3303 or (818) 508-8899, fax (818) 508-0338. South Africa, South America.
  • STA Travel, three locations in Los Angeles County, discounted tickets for travelers under 25 (standard prices for others); tel. (800) 777-0112, fax (602) 922-0793. Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe, South Pacific.
  • Continental Travel Shop, Santa Monica; tel. (310) 453-8655, fax (310) 453-5093. Europe.
  • Council Travel, many locations nationwide, usually adjacent to colleges (targets students); tel. (800) 226-8624. In Los Angeles, offices in Westwood, tel. (310) 209-1852; at UCLA, tel. (310) 208-3551; at Cal State L.A., (213) 343-6250; in Long Beach, tel. (562) 598-3338; Northridge, tel. (818) 882-4692; and Pasadena, tel. (818) 793-5595. More offices in Fullerton (tel. [714] 278-2157), San Diego, La Jolla, Santa Barbara. Tickets to Africa, Asia, North and South America, Europe.
  • Discount Air Network, Los Angeles; tel. (888) 624-7327 or (310) 337-9272, fax (310) 216-1176. Africa, Asia, North and South America (with strong U.S. domestic emphasis), Europe, South Pacific.
  • Discount Travel, Los Angeles; tel. (310) 641-5343, fax (805) 294-1063. Europe.
  • Discover Wholesale Travel, Irvine; tel. (800) 576-7770 or (714) 833-1136, fax (714) 833-1176. Asia, Europe, South Pacific.
  • Fare Deal Travel, San Diego; tel. (800) 243-2785 or (619) 282-8866, fax (619) 282-8868. United States, Europe.

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