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Alex Lenderman, Toluca 2011

Aleksandr "Alex" Lenderman (born September 23, 1989) is an American chess player, born in Russia, who won the U16 (under 16 years old) division of the 2005 World Youth Chess Championship, Belfort, France, July 18–29, with a score of 9/10 (+8 −0 =2). He holds a title of Grandmaster (GM). His FIDE rating, as of May 2015, is 2636, ranking him 142 in the world and 8 in the United States.

Chess career[edit]

Lenderman earned three Grandmaster norms in quick succession in the summer of 2009:

Lenderman attended Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn where, from 2004–2007, he was part of the "dream team" winning four straight national high school titles for the school, along with now International Master Salvijus Bercys. He played an important role in the book The Kings of New York, by Gotham Press, 2007.

Lenderman was the first American to win a gold medal at the World Youth Chess Championship since Tal Shaked became World Junior Champion in 1997. This gave him the title of World Champion Under 16 (years old). His USCF rating as of March 2010 is 2640.[1]

Lenderman plays on the Internet Chess Club under the handle 'manest' and gives free simuls periodically. In 2009, he announced after completing his second year at Brooklyn College, he planned to end his studies there and become a professional chess player. He finished first in the 2009 Atlantic Open, in front of several other GMs.

Lenderman was first in the 2008 USCF Grand Prix, scoring higher than all the grandmasters he competed against by playing and championing in smaller events, including WCL tournaments. He also won the 2009 USCF Grand Prix and was a co-champion of the 2009 U.S. Open.


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