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Angry Birds Toons
Angry Birds Toons logo.png
Genre Comedy
Created by Mikael Hed
Lauri Konttori
Mikko Pöllä
Voices of Antti Pääkkönen
Antti L. J. Pääkkönen
Pasi Ruohonen
Lynne Guaglione
Heljä Heikkinen
Aku Laitinen
Rauno Ahonen
Antti Jaakola
Chris Sadler
Opening theme "Angry Birds Toons"
Country of origin Finland
United States
Original language(s) Finnish
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 78 (list of episodes)
Production company(s) Rovio Entertainment
Toon City (episodes 13-44; episode 47-present)
Atomic Cartoons (episodes 45-present)
Distributor AdMob
Original channel ToonsTV
Various broadcast
Original release March 16, 2013 (2013-03-16) – April 12, 2015
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Angry Birds Toons is a Finnish-American animated TV series based on Rovio's video game franchise of the same name. This animated series provides explanations for the rivalry between the birds and the pigs; it also relates the birds' and pigs' comedic adventures among themselves and against each other. Episodes are being released on a schedule of one per week every Sunday.

There was an introductory episode called "Meet the Flock" in March 2013, which introduced the characters to the audience and gave most of the birds their names. None of the green pigs have been identified by name so far, but all the various types of pigs visible in the Angry Birds game (such as the king pig and the helmeted pig) have been shown. The episodes are all fairly short; so far they are all under three minutes. No dialogue is used, only facial expressions, sound effects and simple vocalizations, allowing the cartoons to be broadly understood without alteration or translation.

As of September 2013, Angry Birds Toons has been viewed more than one billion times.[1] By July 2014, Angry Birds Toons episodes had been viewed over three billion times and by December 2014, episodes had been viewed four billion times.[2] On October 13, 2014, Rovio announced that Angry Birds Toons would continue on October 19, premiering Season 2 with the episode "Treasure Hunt".[needs update] The latest episode, Epic Sax-Off premiered on April 12, 2015.


Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 52 16 March 2013 (2013-03-16) 8 March 2014 (2014-03-08)
2 26 19 October 2014 (2014-10-19) 12 April 2015



  • Red, the Red Bird - The leader of the group. He's depicted as very serious and appears to have the most common sense of all the birds, though allegedly with the shortest temper.
  • Jay, Jake, and Jim (a.k.a. The Blues) - The youngest birds of the flock. As such, they're very childlike and fun-loving, often doing dangerous stunts that serve as plot devices for several episodes. They usually torment the pigs as opposed to outright defeating them whenever the latter make an attempt to steal the eggs.
  • Chuck, the Yellow Bird - The most arrogant and self-absorbed bird in the flock is Red's best friend and quite possibly the dumbest. He is easily the fastest and most athletic bird, capable of slowing time to a crawl and cracking boulders in half. He also seems to enjoy trolling the other birds, as he is extremely competitive. His tendencies to show off serve both as comedic relief and plot devices, as his need to be the center of attention often causes problems for the flock.
  • Bomb, the Black Bird - Simple-minded yet just as capable as the other birds in defending the eggs. His explosive power is often used as a plot device, and his explosions appear to do absolutely no harm to himself. His mind doesn't appear to wander far from eating, as he's frequently seen eating ice cream.
  • Matilda, the White Bird - The only female of the flock and thus very maternal to the group. She's depicted as having exquisite tastes in fine arts, and is frequently seen tending to her garden. She also serves as the chef for the group, though the group's responses to her culinary skills are never consistent. She's also depicted as a peace-loving hippie, often adverse to the violence Red employs against the pigs and the daredevil stunts the Blues do, though ironically she would not hesitate to do the same when the eggs are in danger.
  • Hal, the Green Bird (only in Angry Birds Coca Cola trailer and Angry Birds Transformers trailer)
  • Terrence, the Vine Bird - The largest and most powerful bird of the flock. For unexplained reasons, Terrence is seemingly able to teleport from anywhere at anytime. He's never seen moving unless acted upon by an (extremely powerful) external force due to his immense weight, which even then he only seems to move because he allows it. Unlike the other characters who communicate with a variety of non-sensical words, he appears to only growl. His expression is very taciturn but his (unseen) actions imply that he has a lot of compassion and little tolerance for bullying. He is not regularly seen with the rest of the flock.
  • Bubbles, the Orange Bird (only in Halloween specials like Night of Living Pork and Sweets of Doom)
  • Stella, the Pink Bird (only in Stella Toons)
  • Betty (only in Mona Litha)
  • Tony (only in On finn ice trailer)
  • Chuck's Cousin (only in Mona Litha)
  • Ice Bird (only in Angry Birds Space trailer)
  • Bomb-Bee (a.k.a. Bomblebee) (only in Clash of Corns)


  • Minion Pigs - The biggest quantity of pigs in Pig City are the minion pigs. A significant portion are in the piggy army. As a group, they are generally incompetent and highly accident-prone. As individuals, they're often very capable.
  • Helmet Pig (a.k.a. Corporal Pig) - Leader of the pig army. For whatever reason, nobody respects him if he is without his helmet.
  • Moustache Pig (a.k.a. Foreman Pig) - Other than Helmet Pig, he is usually the brains behind many operations against the birds or supporting the king's whims.
  • King Pig - Extremely selfish, dumb, and spoiled. He throws a fit when things don't go his way and shows little respect for his subordinates. Apparently, the only reason he's king is because he wears the crown (similar to Gale from the Stella cartoons). A running gag in the show is that his palace is completely destroyed at the end of almost every episode.
  • Chef Pig - Depicted as stereotypically French. He is quite possibly the most sinister of the pigs, as he's both extremely clever and prefers underhand methods in his operations, either against the birds or even King Pig. His schemes are often near-successes, being foiled by either a lack of foresight or the incompetence of others.
  • Professor Pig - The old pig who is usually seen either inventing or coming up with solutions to solve the King's problem of the day. He is one of the few recurring pigs to never engage in any sort of egg-stealing operations.
  • Chronicler Pig - The old pig who wears a colonial-era wig and, like Professor Pig, is not involved with any form of egg stealing. He appears to be in charge of handling the art, culture, and history for the pig town.
  • Cave Pig (only in Cave Pig)
  • Fat Pig (only in El Porkador)
  • Female Singer Pig (only in Love is in the air)
  • Fireman Pigs (only in Hog Roast)
  • Chef Pig's Son (only in Hog Roast)
  • Shower Pig (only in Hog Roast)
  • Guard Pig (only in Hamshank Redemption and A Pig's Best Friend)
  • Hard Pig (aka Hambo) (only in Hambo and Treasure Hunt) - A very capable soldier pig. He's also incredibly dumb.
  • NEWS Pig (only in Dogzilla)
  • Piggy Mc Cool (only in True Blue? and The Truce)
  • Prisoner Pig (only in Hamshank Redemption)
  • Queen Pig (only in Love is in the air)
  • Red Pig (only in Pig Plot Potion)
  • Stronger Prisoner Pig (only in Hamshank Redemption and Season 2) - The largest and strongest pig in pig town. Though introduced as a prisoner, he seems to be a regular citizen of pig town in other episodes.
  • Tenor Pig - A pig who's a highly talented opera singer.
  • Tiny Pig (only in Piggies from the Deep)
  • Agent Pig (Only in The Great Eggscape)
  • Zombie Pigs (only in Night of Living Pork)
  • Shaman Pig (only in Pig Possessed)
  • Witch Pig (only in Pig Possessed)
  • Octopus Pig (a.k.a. Transformed Pig) (only in Sweets of Doom)
  • Epic Sax Pig (only in Epic Sax-Off)

Not birds or pigs[edit]

  • Eggs
  • Slingshot
  • "Rocky" (only in Boulder Bro)
  • "Betty Rocky" (only in Mona Litha)
  • Game Dog (only in Joy to the Pigs and Dogzilla)
  • Gnome (only in Oh Gnome)
  • Godzilla (only in Dogzilla)
  • Mr. Fire (a.k.a. "Ray") (only in Fired Up)
  • Snail (only in Pig Plot Potion)
  • Cupcakes (only in Cave Pig and Joy to the Pigs)
  • Santa Claus (only in Jingle Yells)


  • Stella (in Meet the Flock in a part)
  • Obi Wan Kenobi Bird (in Meet the Flock in a part)
  • Mighty Eagle (in Slingshot 101 with his cave at Red's imagination)
  • Mighty Dragon (in Catch of the Day and Dogzilla in a vase)
  • Red, Chuck and Bomb (in Slappy Go Lucky as a target practice)
  • Hambo (in The Truce in catapult attack)
  • Gnome from Oh Gnome (in Dogzilla as a gun)
  • Piano Pig and Tenor Pig (in Sleep like a Hog as a music)


Rovio has announced a TV series based on the Angry Birds video game series of 52 short episodes. The series was produced by Finnish animation studio Kombo, which Rovio bought in June 2011. "I am happy to say we are going to roll out a weekly animation series this year of short format content," said Nick Dorra, head of animation at Rovio.[3]

The series is available worldwide on all Angry Birds apps, selected video-on-demand services, and selected Smart TVs; in addition, it also airs on 20 regular television networks throughout the world.

Home media[edit]

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released the first 26 episodes of the first season on DVD and Blu-ray on 3 December 2013.[4] Later the next year, Sony released the next 26 episodes on DVD and Blu-ray on 15 April 2014.[5]


In 2011, Nickelodeon showed Angry Birds: Wreck The Halls, a Christmas special aired on 17 December 2011;[6] and Angry Birds Space, an animated prequel to the video game of the same name in March 2012.[7][8]


Piggy Tales[edit]

Main article: Piggy Tales

On 11 April 2014, Rovio released a series titled Piggy Tales on their multi-platform broadcasting channel,, with the first episode called "Trampoline".[9] The series show the minion pigs' life, with other exclusive characters to appear in various episodes, but no other pigs or birds were featured.

Angry Birds Stella[edit]

Based on the Puzzle Video Game spin-off of the same name, the series is based around Stella, the pink bird, along with her friends Luca, Willow, Poppy and Dahlia, as they work their way against Gale, the former friend of Stella, that currently is the queen of the pigs in Golden Island.[10]


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