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Manufacturer Apex Digital
Type Video game console
Generation Sixth generation
Retail availability Cancelled was expected to be released in 2004

ApeXtreme is a cancelled video game console that was developed by Apex Digital. While the console made a promising first appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2004, it had been cancelled by December of that year. The console was based on VIA's Glory Personal Gaming Console Platform, and would have included a keyboard, mouse, game controller and a remote control.


The system would have sported a number of features related to console gaming and multimedia, such as:

Drop & Play[edit]

The system's Drop & Play feature works by referring to a database of scripts for information on how each specific game should be played. This technology would allow the console to play normal PC games without modification, at the cost of requiring regular updates to allow the user to play recently released titles.

Furthermore, DISCover would have had to write a script for every one of the titles for which the console boasted support, a list of more than 2700 scripts. Upon the insertion of a valid game disk, the ApeXtreme would have run and maintained the game with only minimal interaction with the user, automatically configuring the game and installing patches where possible. In addition, the system's support for normal USB connections would have allowed the player to select between traditional console and PC input devices (i.e., allowing them to play with either a gamepad or a keyboard and mouse).


It was reported that the home system was to be released late Spring or Summer 2004. This was to come in two distinct versions: a basic model for US$299, and a more powerful version for US$399.[1]

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