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Arminka Helić, Baroness Helic is a Bosnian-born British politician who served as Special Adviser to the former Foreign Secretary William Hague.[1][2]

In 2014, Arminka Helić was nominated to the House of Lords by David Cameron. She was created a Life Peer on 18 September 2014 taking the title Baroness Helic, of Millbank in the City of Westminster [3] and was introduced to the House of Lords on 24 November 2014,[4] becoming the third Conservative female Muslim peer.


Lady Helić is a Bosnian Muslim and foreign policy expert who became a Conservative adviser after fleeing the Yugoslav conflict of the 1990s.[5]

Foreign Policy Adviser[edit]

Helić has advised numerous Conservatives in opposition and government from 1998 building up considerable expertise. She has been described by Matthew D’Ancona as “one of the most impressive foreign policy experts in the Government.” [6] Known for her discretion [7] there is little in the public domain on her personal views although she is pro-American. According to a leaked dispatch from Richard LeBaron, Deputy Head of the US Mission in London, she shares Mr Hague's pronounced pro-American views and described America as "the essential country."[8]

Global Sexual Violence Initiative[edit]

Helić is credited with persuading UK Foreign Secretary William Hague to launch the UK’s Global Sexual Violence Initiative.[9] Hague worked with Angelina Jolie to draw attention to the issue at a four-day summit in 2014.[10]