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This article discusses Ghana geography. For the Dell handheld device, see Dell Axim.

Bolɔfo (Bolorfo)
Axim 01.jpg
Axim is located in Ghana
Location of Axim in Western Region, South Ghana
Coordinates: 4°52′N 2°14′W / 4.867°N 2.233°W / 4.867; -2.233
Country Ghana
Region Western Region
DistrictNzema East Municipal
 • Total27,719[1]
Time zoneGMT
 • Summer (DST)GMT

Axim is a coastal town and the capital of Nzema East Municipal district, a district in Western Region of South Ghana.[2] Axim lies 64 kilometers west of the port city of Sekondi-Takoradi in Western Region to the west of Cape Three Points.[2] Axim has a 2013 settlement population of 27,719 people.[1]


Fort St. Anthony at Axim, 1709. Lithograph.

This area was occupied by the Nzema people.

The Portuguese arrived by the early 16th century as traders. They built a prominent seaside fort, Fort Santo Antonio, in 1515. They exported some Africans as slaves to Europe and the Americas. Between 1642 and 1872, the fort was expanded and altered by the Dutch, who "ruled" during that period. The fort, now property of Ghana, is open to the public. Off-shore are some picturesque islands, including one with a lighthouse.[2]

Axim structure[edit]

The town of Axim is divided into two parts: Upper Axim and Lower Axim. Fort Santo Antonio lies roughly on the division between the two parts, but closest to the centre of Upper Axim, the original European settlement.[2] Here, several large mansions of lumber-trading magnates and other businessmen remain from the late 19th century and period of the British empire.[2] Axim is governed by a political District Executive of the Nzema East Municipality.[2]


The economy is based mainly on Axim's fishing fleet, but the area also has three tourist beach resorts as well as coconut and rubber plantations.[2] The scenic and fertile terrain features many palm trees. Local artisanal miners pan for gold in streams inland from Axim.[2]

Axim has a transport station, two major bank branches, and some rural banks including the Ahantaman Rural Bank, Nzema Maanle Rural Bank, Lower Pra Rural Bank.[2]


Every August, the major festivals of Kundum takes place, coinciding with the best fishing-catch of the year; people come to Axim for the festivities and to fish and trade.[2]


There is a wonderful beach in Axim. The very place around the beach, perched on a hillside, is an exuberant nature has no equal in Ghana. The waves of the beach are strong and suitable for surfers.[3]

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Coordinates: 4°52′N 2°14′W / 4.867°N 2.233°W / 4.867; -2.233