Bảo Lộc

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Bảo Lộc

Thành phố Bảo Lộc
Bảo Lộc City
Công viên Bảo Lộc.jpg
Location in Lâm Đồng Province
Country Vietnam
ProvinceLâm Đồng
 • Total232.2 km2 (89.7 sq mi)
 • Total170,920
 • Density639.8/km2 (1,657/sq mi)

Bảo Lộc (old name in Ma language: B’Lao) is a city of Lâm Đồng Province in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam. Bảo Lộc is famous for its registered trademark: B'lao tea. As of 2003 the town district had a population of 151,915.[1] The district covers an area of 229 km². The district capital lies at Bảo Lộc.[1]


Bảo Lộc has urban wards and five communes

  • Ward I - 4.3144 km2
  • Ward II - 6.6215 km2
  • B’Lao Ward - 5.4029 km2
  • Lộc Phát Ward- 25.7302 km2
  • Lộc Tiến Ward - 13.0119 km2
  • Lộc Sơn Ward - 12.3669 km2

The communes are

  • Lộc Thanh - 20.8098 km2
  • Đam B’ri - 32.201 km2
  • Lộc Nga - 16.0319 km2
  • Đại Lào - 59.2579 km2
  • Lộc Châu - 36.1955 km2

Local sights[edit]

Older buildings in Bảo Lộc include the Bát Nhã Temple.[2] Ho Dong Nai lake is a small lake situated in the central part of the town.


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Coordinates: 11°32′53″N 107°48′27″E / 11.54806°N 107.80750°E / 11.54806; 107.80750