BS Tantei Club: Yuki ni Kieta Kako

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BS Tantei Club: Yuki ni Kieta Kako
Bs tantei club titlescreen.png
Developer(s) Nintendo R&D1
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Super Famicom
Release date(s)
  • JP: February 9, 1997
Genre(s) Adventure
Mode(s) Single-player

BS Tantei Club: Yuki ni Kieta Kako (BS探偵倶楽部 雪に消えた過去 BS Detective Club: Lost Memories in the Snow?) is a text-based adventure game developed and published by Nintendo for the Satellaview in 1997. It is the third game in the Famicom Tantei Club series, following Famicom Tantei Club: Kieta Kōkeisha and Part II: Ushiro ni Tatsu Shōjo. The game is made up of 3 chapters; the first was broadcast from February 9~14, the second from February 16~21, and the last from February 23~28. The game was later re-broadcast several times. It is currently not possible to obtain and play this game in its intended form, as Satellaview service is no longer supported, some parts of the game used stream voice acting, which is not part of the game code itself, and the game was never ported to other consoles. As a Satellaview release, it was never released outside Japan.


Ayumi Tachibana returns to her parents home in Ochitani village over vacation to visit her mother, Toshie, who is recovering from illness. She meets with her mother and her old friend Reiko for the first time in years, hoping to ease her fatigue by relaxing at her childhood home. However, Gozo Kusano, the former mayor of Ochitani village, is found dead the next morning in a secluded area outside his house. Toshie was the discoverer of the dead body, and she is apprehended by the police as a suspect because her footprints were the only ones found in the snow near the crime scene. While waiting for her mother to return from the police station, Ayumi learns of a long-lasting feud existing between the Tachibana family and Kusano family. An ochimusha legend passed on in the village, an investigation from 18 years ago, and this new murder all tie into a set of serial killings which Ayumi must solve before it is too late...


Ayumi Tachibana (voice actor, Yuko Minaguchi)
The protagonist of the game who is a 17-year-old high school student. She works as an assistant at the Utsugi detective agency, and is the heroine of the two previous games in the series. She gets involved in the case as she returns to her parents house over vacation.
Kunihiro Tachibana
Ayumi's father. He died from sickness when she was still an infant.
Toshie Tachibana (voice actor, Hiroko Emori)
Ayumi's mother. She is resting at home to cure her illness, and is apprehended as a suspect in the death of Gonzo Kusano. 40 years old.
Shinnosuke Tachibana (voice actor, Kozo Shioya)
Ayumi's grandfather, who runs the Tachibana lumber company. He often got into disputes with the victim, Gonzo Kusano. 65 years old.
Sachi Tachibana (voice actor, Hiroko Emori)
Ayumi's grandmother. 62 years old.
Shintaro Tachibana (voice actor, Kozo Shioya)
Ayumi's uncle, and older brother of Toshie. He is calm, friendly, and dislikes getting into disputes. 42 years old.
Noriko Tachibana
Ayumi's aunt. She seems to look down a bit on her husband, Shintaro. 42 years old.
Koichi Tachibana
Ayumi's cousin. An energetic 15-year-old junior-high school student.
Reiko Nomura (voice actor, Mariko Suzuki)
Ayumi's childhood friend, who is almost like a sister to Ayumi. She left the village and moved to Tokyo three years ago, but returned to the village to pay respects to her parents graves. 21 years old.
Masakazu Nomura
Reiko's father. Died from sickness when Reiko was still an infant.
Sachiko Nomura
Reiko's mother. She used to work at the Tachibana lumber company. Deceased three years ago.
Gozo Kusano
The previous mayor of Ochitani village. He retired from his post five years ago, and is found dead on the morning of February 9. During his tenure as mayor, he forcefully led urban development of the village, breeding dislike amongst many.
Yoshie Kusano
Gozo's wife. She died several years ago.
Kazuo Kusano
Gozo's eldest son. After participating in local government politics, he won the mayoral election five years ago, taking over for his father. 49 years old.
Naoko Kusano
Kazuo's wife. She has a rather strict personality. 47 years old.
Jiro Kusano (voice actor, Kozo Shioya)
The younger son of Gozo. He is regarded as the black sheep of the family. 40 years old.
Masaru Kusano
Kazuo's only son. He studies at a design school in Tokyo. He usually tries to act tough and cool, but is actually quite shy, and is unable to stand up against Reiko.
Sakuma (voice actor, Takeshi Aono)
The chief of Kiriyama police station. He was an officer in Ochitani village 18 years ago. 58 years old.
Imada (voice actor, Takeshi Aono)
The only doctor living in the village. Very knowledgeable about the village's history. 63 years old.
Yoneta (voice actor, Michio Nakao)
A polite young officer at the Kiriyama police station. 26 years old.
Shunsuke Utsugi (voice actor, Show Hayami)
The chief of the Utsugi detective agency. He does not play a large role in this game.
Narrator (voice actor, Shiho Niiyama)