Battle of Drumlui

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Battle of Drumlui
Part of Clan Cameron-Clan Mackintosh feud
Track beyond Achnanellan.jpg
Druim Gleann Laoigh, probable site of the battle
Date 1330 or 1337
Location Lochaber area, probably Druim Gleann Laoigh
grid reference NN0685 ??
Coordinates: 56°55′14″N 5°10′47″W / 56.92056°N 5.17972°W / 56.92056; -5.17972
Result Mackintosh victory
Clan Mackintosh Clan Cameron
Commanders and leaders
William MacKintosh Donald Alin Mhic Evin
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Drumlui was a Scottish clan battle that took place in either 1330 or 1337, in the Scottish Highlands between the Clan Cameron and the Clan Mackintosh.[1]

The lands around Loch Arkaig and Glen Loy (Gleann Laoigh, sometimes anglicised as Glenlui) had previously been undisputedly owned by the Camerons for many years until they were demanded by William MacKintosh, son of Angus, 6th Chief of Clan MacKintosh. The MacKintoshes appealed to the sword and a battle was fought at Drumlui. The most likely location is Druim Gleann Laoigh, a mountain in the middle of the area in question. The Camerons, under the leadership of Donald Alin Mhic Evin (Gaelic: Dòmhnall mac Ailean mhic Aoibheann), were defeated. This battle led to a very long-lasting 350 year feud with the two clans constantly attacking each other until the Stand-off at the Fords of Arkaig in 1665.[1]

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