Raid on Ross

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Raid on Ross
Part of Rebellion of Domhnall Dubh
Five Sisters.jpg
Kintail home of the Clan Mackenzie in Ross-shire
Ross, Scotland
Result unknown
Loyal to James IV of Scotland:
Clan Mackenzie
Loyal to John MacDonald of Islay, Earl of Ross:
Clan MacDonald of Lochalsh
Clan MacDonald of Clanranald
Clan Cameron
Chattan Confederation
Clan Mackintosh
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Raid on Ross was a conflict that took place in 1491 in the Scottish Highlands. It was fought between the Clan Mackenzie and several other clans, including the Clan MacDonald of Lochalsh, Clan MacDonald of Clanranald the Clan Cameron and the Chattan Confederation of Clan Mackintosh.[1]


Ewen Cameron, chief of Clan Cameron was joined by Alexander MacDonald of Lochalsh,[2] Clan Ranald of Garmoran and Lochaber and the Chattan Confederation.[1] The Chattan Confederation must have made peace with their enemies the Clan Cameron.[1] Together the clans went on a raid into the county of Ross-shire.[1] During the raid they clashed with the Clan Mackenzie of Kintail.[1] They then advanced from Lochaber to Badennoch where they were even joined by the Clan Mackintosh.[1] They then proceeded to Inverness where they stormed Inverness Castle and Mackintosh placed a garrison in it.[1] The Macdonald Lords of Lochalsh appear at this time to have had strong claims upon the clans to follow them in the field.[1] The MacDonalds of Lochalsh were superiors under the chief of Clan Donald, Domhnall Dubh, who claimed the title of the Lord of the Isles, which had been forfeited to the crown by his grandfather.[1]


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