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The river mouth of Świna at the Baltic Sea in Świnoujście, Poland

The Bay of Pomerania or Pomeranian Bay (Polish: Zatoka Pomorska; German: Pommersche Bucht; Kashubian: Pòmòrskô Hôwinga) is a basin in the southwestern Baltic Sea, off the shores of Poland and Germany.

In the south it is separated from the Oder Lagoon in the mouth of the Oder River by the islands of Usedom/Uznam and Wolin, connected by three straits or branches of the Oder: Dziwna, Świna and Peene. North border is a line from Cape Arkona on the German island of Rügen to the Gąski Lighthouse in the east of Kołobrzeg in Poland.

Maximum depth is 20 metres and salinity is about 8%. The Bay of Pomerania is crossed by a deepened waterway from the Szczecin seaport, via the river Oder, the Szczecin Lagoon, and Świna allowing large ships to enter the ports of Świnoujście and Szczecin.

Main ports are:

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Coordinates: 54°04′01″N 14°04′59″E / 54.067°N 14.083°E / 54.067; 14.083