Bhopal–Jaipur Express

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The Bhopal–Jaipur Express is a daily express train which runs between Bhopal Junction railway station of Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh and Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. It previously ran as the Bhopal–Ajmer Express from Bhopal to Ajmer, a pilgrimage spot in Rajasthan, and prior to that as the Bhopal–Ratlam Intercity Express.

Number and Nomenclature[edit]

The number for the train were :

  • 19655: Bhopal to Jaipur
  • 19656: Jaipur to Bhopal

The train was also known as Ajmeri Express which signifies the nearby destination of the train that is Ajmer

Arrival and Departure[edit]

Train number 19655 departs from Bhopal Junction daily at 1700 hrs., reaching Jaipur, the next day at 0930 hrs.

Train number 19656 departs from Jaipur daily at 17:25 hrs., reaching Bhopal Junction, the next day at 11:25 hrs.

Route and Halts[edit]

The train goes via Ujjain JunctionRatlam Junction and Neemuch. The important halts of the train are:

Coach composite[edit]

The train consist a total number of 17 Coaches :

  • 1 AC II
  • 2 AC III
  • 10 SLEEPER

Link service[edit]

According to the rail budget as on 24 February 2010, a link service 19655A/19656A Indore–Ajmer Link Express also started to run on back coaches of this train after Ujjain Junction. A total of 7 additional coaches are attached to the train from Ratlam out of which :

  • 1 AC II

Average speed and Frequency[edit]

The train runs daily from both the sites with an average speed of 66 kilometres per hour (41 mph).


  • This train was introduced in year 2009 and was the only direct connection from Bhopal/Indore to Ajmer
  • This train replaced by the Old 9303/9304 Bhopal–Ratlam Intercity Express
  • This train has also replaced the old 9657/9658 Ratlam–Ajmer Night Express
  • The train got extended to Jaipur as Bhopal–Jaipur Express as announced on 25 February 2011 in the Railway Budget

Other trains from Bhopal to Ajmer[edit]

  • Kolkata–Ajmer Express
  • Hyderabad–Ajmer Express
  • Pune–Jaipur Express

Bhopal–Ratlam Intercity Express[edit]

The Bhopal–Ratlam Intercity Express was a daily Intercity Express which ran between Bhopal Junction railway station of Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh and Ratlam Junction railway station of Ratlam in Western Madhya Pradesh. The train was numbered 9303/9304. The main halts of the train were Bhopal Bairagarh, Shajapur, Ujjain and Berchha. It used to run on daily basis with average speed of 62 km/h (39 mph).

In 2009 it was replaced by 9655/9656 Bhopal–Ajmer Express, which was extended in 2011 to Jaipur as the Bhopal–Jaipur Express.