Bicker Isles

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Bicker Isles
Bicker Isles is located in South Australia
Bicker Isles
Bicker Isles
Location Spencer Gulf
Coordinates 34°45′S 135°57′E / 34.750°S 135.950°E / -34.750; 135.950Coordinates: 34°45′S 135°57′E / 34.750°S 135.950°E / -34.750; 135.950

The Bicker Isles are two small islands in Boston Bay, Spencer Gulf, South Australia. They lie between Surfleet Point on the mainland, and Hayden Point on Boston Island. They are uninhabited, and fall within the boundary of Lincoln National Park.[1] They were named by Matthew Flinders on February 25, 1802, after Bicker, a town in Lincolnshire, England.[2] The islands are round and somewhat featureless. The northern island is approximately 8 ha in size, and the southern island, which lies midway between the northern island and Surfleet Point is approximately 5 ha. The waters surrounding Bicker Isles are zoned for aquaculture and are known as the Bicker Island Harvesting Area.[3] The isles are part of the Lincoln National Park.[4]

The isles' original name is often misrepresented as Bickers Islands, Bicker Islands, Bickers Isles, Bicker Island or Bickers Island.


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