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Biz Kids
Bizkids logo.jpeg
StarringLauren Dupree,
Kaelon Horst,
Maia Lee,
Alexander Oki,
Amanda Powers,
Miriam Schwartz,
Austin Siedentopf,
Devon Stark,
Christina Marie Taylor,
Catherine Thompson,[citation needed]
Elizabeth Wright,
Pat Cashman,
John Keister
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons6
No. of episodes71 (list of episodes)
Executive producersJeannine Glista,
Erren Gottlieb,
Jamie Hammond,
James McKenna
Running time26 minutes
Production companyWXXI
DistributorAmerican Public Television
PBS Kids Go! (2008-2012)
PBS Kids (2017)
Original releaseJanuary 6, 2008 (2008-01-06) –
June 20, 2017 (2017-06-20)
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Biz Kid$ (stylized as biz KID$) is an American educational television series that teaches financial education and entrepreneurship to kids and teenagers. It uses sketch comedy, musical guests, guest and special guest appearances, and young actors to explain basic economic concepts.[1] Its motto is: "Where kids teach kids about money and business." Biz Kid$ has been described as comparable to KING-TV’s Almost Live!.


Biz Kid$ was created by the producers of Bill Nye the Science Guy, the Emmy Award winning science show from the 1990s. Comedy sketches, spoofs of old TV shows and movies, commercial parodies, and silly antics are performed by a cast of Seattle teenage actors.

The first season of Biz Kid$, comprising 26 episodes, includes the lost episodes, was filmed in 2007. The second season, comprising 13 episodes, the lost episodes were included, began filming in April 2008. The crew traveled to various locations in the United States to film young entrepreneurs.

Special Guest Stars[edit]


The Biz Kid$ cast is made up largely of teenage actors from the Seattle area. Writer John Keister also has small recurring roles.

The original cast members were Lauren Dupree, Kaelon Horst, Bob Jones, Maia Lee, Alexander Oki, Amanda Powers, Miriam Schwartz, Austin Siedentopf, Devon Stark, Christina Taylor, and Elizabeth Wright.[2]

The Biz Kid$ Hosts[edit]

  • Lauren (The Hip Hop Dancer), a teenage girl who has her two best pals Maia and Kaelon. She is a 17-year-old girl at Seattle Academy, because she loves theater, dance, and music. She is Lizzie’s adoptive older sister. The show ended when Lauren was 21 years old and she graduated from college, By the sixth season she was a 30 something woman.
  • Kaelon (The Smooth and Suave Boy), Lauren’s best friend, He is a 17-year-old guy at South Kitsap High School where he loves to play basketball. He is smooth and suave and he is Austin’s adopted brother. He is a leader of Kaelon's Ladies with his ladies Lauren and Maia. The show ended when Kaelon was 21 years old and he graduated from college in L.A. By the sixth season he was a 30 something man.
  • Maia (The Friend Lover), Lauren’s second-best friend, the youngest of Biz Kid$. She is a 14-year-old girl at her school where she loves shopping, music and friends. She’s like a younger sister to Alex. She was ended by the third season when Maia was 16.
  • Alex (The Language Speaker), He is a 17-year-old guy at Lakeside School where he’s learning different languages. He's like an older brother to Maia. He is a leader of Alex's Girls with his female friends Amanda, Miriam and Christina. The show ended when Alex was 21 years old and he graduated from Yale University. By the sixth season he was a 30 something man.
  • Amanda (The Attention Girl), She is an 18-year-old girl at her school when she is friendly and outgoing. She is Christina’s best friend.
  • Miriam (The Funny People Laugher), She is a 17-year-old girl at Roosevelt High School where she makes people laugh. She is one of Christina & Amanda’s best friends. She’s like a sister to Alex and Maia. The show ended when Miriam was 21 years old and she graduated from college in Minnesota. By the sixth season she was in her mid 20s. She got married to her friend Adam in Oregon in the future.
  • Austin (The Pranker Boy), He is a 16-year-old guy at Issaquah High School where he enjoys teaching with kids. He is Alex’s best friend. He is Kaelon’s adopted brother. The show ended when Austin was 20 years old and he graduated from the University of Washington.
  • Devon (The Tae Kwon Do Boy), He is a 12-year-old 7th grader at his middle school where he enjoys karate and taekwondo. He is the second-youngest of Biz Kid$. He is Lauren and Lizzie’s adoptive younger brother. The show ended when Devon was 16.
  • Christina (The Perfectionist), She is a teenage girl with her glasses from her school where is she is the perfectionist. Amanda & Miriam’s best friend. The show ended when she was a young adult, she lost a couple of pounds from her weight loss and her diet and exercises and she graduated from college.
  • Lizzie (The Creative Girl), She is a teenage girl from her high school who loves to make clothes, prom dresses and others. She is another one of Christina & Amanda’s best friends. She is Lauren’s adoptive younger sister. The show ended when she was a young adult and graduated from college.


  • All My Investments, a parody of the soap opera on ABC, All My Children. Featured in two episodes "Saving and Investing for Your Future" and "Bulls, Bears and Financial Markets".
  • The No-Sale Zone, a parody of the television series The Twilight Zone. Featured in an episode "Sell, Sell, Sell (The Science of Sales)".
  • Mr. Squeezya Card, a commercial parody of the Visa card. Featured in an episode "Using Your Credit-Crazy or Compelling?".
  • As the Economy Turns and As the Budget Turns, both parodies of the CBS soap opera As the World Turns. Featured in two episodes.
  • The Adventures of Compulsive and Compare Kid, Amanda and Miriam as two teenage girls to look at the newest phone ever. Featured in an episode "How to Be a Smart Consumer".
  • Banks of Our Lives, a parody of the soap opera on NBC, Days of Our Lives. Featured in an episode "Take it to the Bank!".
  • Gus Greenback: Gumshoe Detective, a teen detective named Gus Greenback (Austin Siedentopf) has all the money clues to his friends, a pretty popular rich girl named Darla Dollar (Miriam Schwartz) and his assistant Sergeant Sawbuck (Lauren DuPree) solving some entrepreneur files in 1940s Seattle.
  • Film, television spoofs, and other comedy sketches are featured in some episodes.

Lost Sketches[edit]

  • Northwest Afternoon: Kids and Teens Edition, a parody of the KOMO-TV talk show Northwest Afternoon, features Shana Dimple ton (Lauren DuPree), a spoof of Dana Middleton, Rick Trolley (Kaelon Horst), a spoof of Dick Foley, and an entertainment buzz teenage girl, Lindsay Heine Bart (Maia Lee), a spoof of Cindi Rinehart, “Queen of Soaps”.
  • Biz Kid$ Special Report, a sketch featuring different Biz Kid$ cast members anchoring different news from Western Washington. Pat Cashman, the announcer says, "We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for the following special report." And after this report, he says "We now join Biz Kid$ already in progress."
  • The N’s New Reality Show, a reality show parody on The N (now TeenNick) that features some pre-teens and teenagers who lives in a big apartment in Seattle.

"The N’s New Reality Show":

  • Tessa (Lauren DuPree), a teenage girl.
  • Sally (Maia Lee), Tessa’s best friend.
  • Chad (Kaelon Horst), Tessa’s second-best friend.
  • Brian (Alexander Oki), Jack’s younger brother.
  • Jack (Austin Siedentopf), Brian’s older brother.
  • Natalie (Miriam Schwartz), a teenage girl.
  • Rachel (Christina Taylor), Natalie’s best friend.
  • Kristen (Amanda Powers), Natalie’s second-best friend.
  • Peter (Devon Stark), Tessa’s younger brother.
  • Annie (Elizabeth Wright), Tessa’s younger sister.

And other cast members that are featured in this sketch.

  • Biz Kid$ Fairy Tales, a sketch featuring different Biz Kid$ cast members reading financial fairytales like Snow White and The Money Giving Things to The Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella's Beautiful Boutique and more fairytales.

Other fairytales the Biz Kid$ cast members that can read are:

  • Little Red Riding Hood and The Piggy Bank
  • Hansel and Gretel in a Money House
  • Jack and the Beanstalk Finds a Credit Union

And other fairytales.

they are telling jokes about money and finances. Papa Dundeedee with his wife and their eight children.

  • Papa Dundeedee (Pat Cashman) - the leader of his family called The Dundeedees.
  • Mama Dundeedee (special guest star Tracey Conway) - the wife of Papa Dundeedee.
  • Danny Dundeedee (Austin Siedentopf) - the son of the Dundeedees.
  • Betty Jo Dundeedee (Amanda Powers) - the daughter of the Dundeedees.
  • Bobby Dundeedee (Alexander Oki) - the son of the Dundeedees.
  • Cindy Lou Dundeedee (Miriam Schwartz) - the daughter of the Dundeedees.
  • Susie Dundeedee (Maia Lee) - the daughter of the Dundeedees.
  • Finley Dundeedee (Kaelon Horst) - the son of the Dundeedees.
  • Jessie Dundeedee (Lauren DuPree) - the adopted daughter of the Dundeedees.
  • Robbie Dundeedee (Devon Stark) - the adopted son of the Dundeedees.

And other cast members play the rest of the Dundeedee family. Other lost sketches are included.

5-part specials[edit]

  • Biz Kid$: Through the Years - The 1950s
  • Biz Kid$: Through the Years - The 1960s
  • Biz Kid$: Through the Years - The 1970s
  • Biz Kid$: Through the Years - The 1980s
  • Biz Kid$: Through the Years - The 1990s



Biz Kid$ is produced in association with WXXI of Rochester, NY, is distributed by American Public Television in the United States, and started airing in the United States on January 6, 2008. By June 2008, the show was on 311 of the nation's 343 PBS stations in 50 states.

It airs on KCTS-TV and KBTC-TV in Seattle and Tacoma.[3] By the launch of Season Two, Biz Kid$ was airing in all 50 states and was available to over 287 million people.[4]


A free curriculum is available for download for use by teachers and parents to use in classrooms, afterschool programs and at home.[5] Each episode has a specially designed curriculum with activities, reviews and tests, all of which comply with the National Endowment for Financial Education standards. Five core Biz Kid$ lesson plans are available in Spanish.


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