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Boohbah logo.png
Created by Anne Wood
Developed by Ragdoll Productions
Starring Emma Ainsley
Alex Poulter
Cal Jaggers
Phil Hayes
Laura Pero
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 65
Running time 25 minutes
Production company(s) BBC Worldwide Limited
Ragdoll Limited
Distributor ITV
Original release 16 April 2003 – 29 December 2006
Related shows Teletubbies
In the Night Garden...

Boohbah is a British children's television programme created by Anne Wood. It premiered on 16 April 2003 on ITV in the United Kingdom. The series is produced by Ragdoll Productions.


The series focuses on the Boohbahs: five furry, gumdrop-shaped creatures played by actors in full-body costumes. They are hairless with big eyes and rows of lights for eyebrows. They do not speak; instead, they make noises such as squeaks, squeals, and clicks. The Boohbahs can retract their heads into their furry necks. Each Boohbah is a different color.

A list of the Boohbahs is available below.

  • Humbah, portrayed by Emma Insley, is a yellow Boohbah.
  • Zumbah, portrayed by Alex Poulter, is a purple Boohbah.
  • Zing Zing Zingbah, portrayed by Cal Jaggers, is an orange Boohbah.
  • Jumbah, portrayed by Phil Hayes, is a blue Boohbah.
  • Jingbah, portrayed by Laura Pero, is a pink Boohbah.

The Boohbahs can fly; part of their routine is to assemble into a circle, holding hands like skydivers. Each then emits a different musical note as a flash of colored light (matching the Boohbah's color) is sent out from their heads to a central point.


Each episode follows the same sequence of events. This is:

  • Opening title. The Boohball flies over at least three out of 15 different countries (Australia, China, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Jamaica, Japan, Namibia, Russia, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, United States).
  • Boohbah warm up dance. The children call the Boohbahs by their names (" Humbah, Zumbah , Zing Zing Zingbah , Jumbah, Jingbah -- Booh!"), and then the Boohbahs join each other one by one in a simple dance. After all have joined in, the pace increases until all the Boohbahs are out of control. As a child calls out their names, they then freeze, stand spread-eagled, and retract their heads. When all have stopped, the children yell, "Booh!" and the Boohbahs fly upward into their circle formation.
  • Present giving, in which a group of children bring "a present for the Storypeople" and they blow it into the Storyworld with the power of Boohbah magic. The present given will be the theme of the segment.
  • Storyworld and the Storypeople, which is based on the present given in the last segment. During the segment, one or more of the Storypeople (a diverse cast of familial characters) will find the present and interact with it. Often the Storypeople will encounter a problem, inspiring the unseen but observing children to say the magic word, which is "Boohbah!" This freezes the story and allows the children to blow another gift to the Storypeople, which enables the story to continue and lead to the problem's solution. These segments are filmed in Spain, unless the segments involve snow, in which case, the respective segment is filmed in Pinewood, England.
  • Boohbah dance, during which the Boohbahs perform a dance somewhat related to the "Storyworld and the Storypeople" segment. This dance is slightly more complex than the "warm up" dances.
  • Look What I Can Do, shown in the American version in which actual children perform dances of their own. Three different dances are featured per show, and are simple so that the home audience can follow along.

The Boohball[edit]

One of the common features in Boohbah is the Boohball. The Boohball, a glowing white ball, is where the Boohbahs live, and it appears out of nowhere in various parts of the show. It travels from country to country when it is called by children. Inside the Boohball is a spinning recharging pod, where the Boohbahs recharge energy. It resembles five deep spoons with the handles linked, or, alternately, the hammocks resemble five fig halves. The energy is created by the laughter of the children when playing with the Boohbahs, the Boohball, and the Storypeople.


65 episodes were produced, making up three seasons.

Season 1 (2003-2004)[edit]

Season 2 (2004-2005)[edit]

Season 3 (2005-2006)[edit]

International broadcast[edit]

The series was released outside of the UK shortly after its British premiere. The first episode aired on 19 January 2004 in the United States on PBS, in Canada on Treehouse TV, and in Japan on TV Asahi, airing until 29 December 2006.[1]


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