Black Star (anarchist group)

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Black Star (also known as Mavro Asteri; Greek: Μαύρο Αστέρι) is a Greek anarchist group involved in violent direct action.

During the period between May 1999 and October 2002, Black Star was one of the most active anarchist groups in Greece. They are anti-imperialist, anti-establishment, and anti-capitalist. The group has declared itself to be dedicated to "resistance against the mass organizations of US imperialism and to their local collaborators."[1] They believe that "the only terrorists are the US imperialist forces, their European allies, and their local capitalist associates."[2]

Black Star often demands the release of political prisoners (among whom they number as Simeon Seisidis, and Mumia Abu-Jamal) when calling to claim responsibility for attacks. The group's favorite targets are the cars of embassies and diplomats, but they have also attacked the offices and cars of international organizations and businesses.


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