Blue Mountain Mystery

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Thomas & Friends: Blue Mountain Mystery
Directed by Greg Tiernan
Produced by Nicole Stinn (Nitrogen)
Ian McCue (HiT)
Written by Sharon Miller
Starring Martin Sherman
Ben Small
Keith Wickham
Matt Wilkinson
Steven Kynman
Kerry Shale
David Bedella
William Hope
Michael Brandon
Jules de Jongh
Glenn Wrage
Teresa Gallagher
Michael Legge
Narrated by Michael Brandon (US)
Michael Angelis (UK)
Music by Robert Hartshore
Peter Hartshore
Distributed by HiT Entertainment (UK/US)
Lionsgate Entertainment (US)
Release dates
September 3, 2012 (UK)
September 18, 2012 (US/NLD)
September 19, 2012 (AUS)
Running time
61 minutes

Blue Mountain Mystery is a 2012 CGI-animated feature-length special and film of Thomas & Friends.

It stars Ben Small and Martin Sherman as Thomas the Tank Engine in the United Kingdom and United States respectively. It also stars Keith Wickham, Teresa Gallagher, David Bedella, William Hope and Michael Brandon.


After Paxton the Diesel is in an accident at the Blue Mountain Quarry, Thomas is sent to work in his place with the narrow-gauge engines. While working at the quarry, Thomas sees a mysterious little green engine whom he has never seen. Thomas sets out to find out who that engine is; however when Thomas asks the narrow-gauge engines who the mysterious engine is they say they don't know or it was a runaway truck or a mountain goat. Thomas then meets the engine again and the narrow gauge engines at a tunnel and all the engines try to hide the mysterious engine now revealed to be named Luke. After a few seconds of Luke trying to hide Rheneas lets him through and Luke runs into-the tunnel and hides, Thomas is very confused as to what is going so, he asks Skarloey what is wrong, so Skarloey replies that "Luke is a Friend, Thomas." "I am a friend" Thomas replied, Skarloey then reluctantly proceeds to tell Thomas about Luke: Luke hides there in the Blue Mountain Quarry, because he is scared that he will be sent away from Sodor because he did something very bad. That night a Tidmouth Sheds, Percy notices Thomas is being quiet when he returned, Thomas says he was thinking, Percy asks what about? Then Thomas being careful not say anything about Luke asks the Steam Team "What do you all think is the worst thing an engine can do?" "Something Really Bad?" Thomas and his friends reply:

Percy: One of the worst things I that have even done was when... I was trying to sneak up on the coaches when I crashed right into Sir Topham Hatt's baggage trolley. Baggage, clothes and sticky Jam flew up into the air and fell allover Me and Sir Topham Hatt. He was very cross with me. (From Henry the Green Engine: Percy and the Trousers (RWS)/Season 3: A Scraf for Percy (TV))
Henry: You didn't mean to crash into the baggage trolley, Percy. It was an accident. I think what I did was far worse. I refused to leave the tunnel because I didn't what to get my paint wet in the rain, Sir Topham Hatt was really cross, so cross in fact he walled me up in the tunnel. That was bad. (From The Three Railway Engines and Season 1: The Sad Story of Henry (RWS & UK)/Come Out, Henry! (US))
Thomas: Do you remember the day I was shunting trucks at the mine? I knew that shouldn't chuff past the danger sign, but I wanted to know what would happen if I did. I steamed right pasted it into a siding and fell down into the mine. (From Gordon the Big Engine and Season 1: Down the Mine)
Emily: That was very Bad!
Thomas: But not bad enough to be sent away from Sodor forever.
Percy: Forever?!?!? That would be terrible.
Edward: Unthinkable!
James: What about Diesel? He pushed the logs off the bridge and into the sea. (From Misty Island Rescue)
Emily: But even he wasn't sent away from Sodor.
The Narrator: The Engines fell silent. Then as the stars twinkled over Tidmouth Sheds, one-by-one the engines fell asleep. All except Thomas.
Thomas (to himself): Don't worry Luke, I will find a way to you.

The next morning the Blue Mountain Quarry was busy. Rocky the Crane was helping clear the rubble from a damaged bridge.

Rheneas then says that he doesn't like all the scraps and scratches on his paintwork, and Peter Sam and Rusty tease him, Skarloey then tries to make his friend feel better. Then Thomas arrives and says to Skarloey that asked all his friends and that they are sure that there is nothing that an engine can do that is bad enough to be sent away forever. Skarloey shocked by this says "Have you talked to the engines about Luke? Thomas replies "No I told I would not would do that". Skarloey then agrees and tells Thomas to puff along. Just then Skarloey puffing backwards almost gets his cab taken off by Rocky, Thomas yells out and blows his whistle and alerts Rocky and Skarloey just in time.

After seeing Thomas save Skarloey, Luke decides to be friends with Thomas. A song then begins. Then after the song: Winston, Sir Topham Hatt's track inspection car arrives with Sir Topham Hatt and Mr. Percival. Sir Topham Hatt tells Thomas that he is done at the quarry and Paxton has been repaired and Mr. Percival thanks Thomas for Helping. Thomas felt sad because wanted to stay.

Thomas then puffs up to some buffers next a tunnel and asks Luke to come out. Paxton then returns and Luke begins to tell Thomas and unbeknowst to him Paxton, about what happened. He knocked (not knowing who the engine was) Victor into the sea. Paxton jumps back in surprise. Thomas then proceeds to comfort Luke as Skarloey asks Paxton what he is standing around for and get those wheels moving. Thomas and Luke then see him too and Luke gets scared and hides in the tunnel.

Paxton then goes to the Dieselworks and tells Diesel what he heard, and Diesel sets out have Luke sent away.

While Thomas was on his branch line, was too busy thinking about Luke overruns a signal and his coaches tell him to slow down. Then they see Toby and Thomas thanks him for helping him out and asks Toby help again. Thomas then sets off to find the "Yellow engine", he searches allover the island and yet no yellow engine, he then puffs to junction and sees Edward and he suggests that Thomas search the Dieselworks. At the Dieselworks Thomas overhears Paxton telling Diesel about Luke. Thomas then races to Brendam Docks and asks Cranky if he had unloaded a yellow engine, He reluctantly says "Maybe I did", and says that all he could remember is that the yellow engine's light was broken and that he could not understand a thing the engine was saying. Diesel and Paxton then arrive looking for Sir Topham Hatt.

Thomas then races to the Steamworks and asks Victor about the "yellow engine" and he replies in Spanish and Thomas says "what did you say?" and realized that Victor was the yellow engine and Victor proceeds to tell his version of the story.

Thomas then sets off to Luke about what really happened. He comes to a bridge and sees Diesel, Paxton, Mavis, Winston and Sir Topham Hatt and Diesel is telling the controller about Luke, and the controller tells Diesel he don't have time for his nonsense and tells him help Mavis to the Dieselworks.

Thomas arrives at the quarry and says that he told Victor about Luke and all the narrow gauge engines get upset and runaway from Thomas and Diesel.

Thomas sets out to make things right, he asks Rocky to lift him on to Owen the Incline's platform, Rocky reluctantly agrees. Owen says that Thomas is too heavy for his platform. Owen pulled him up the incline and Thomas struggles to travel on the rails. Diesel tells Paxton to go get the controllers and Thomas tells Paxton to get Victor. Thomas then crashes and dangles off the side of a cliff. Luke puffs over and pulls to Thomas back to Owen. Then the controllers and Victor arrive.

Diesel tells Sir Topham Hatt that Luke knocks engines into the sea. Victor arrives and meets Luke again and tells him what really happened.

In the end, the Controllers welcome Luke to the island and Rheneas is repainted yellow (like Duncan).


Michael Legge (Luke) joined the cast, and David Bedella joined the UK voice cast taking over from Matt Wilkinson. Michael Angelis and Michael Brandon (the now former narrators of the series, respectively) left following this special.

Actor Region Role
Michael Angelis UK Narrator
Michael Brandon US Narrator and Diesel
Martin Sherman US Thomas and Percy
Ben Small UK Thomas and Toby
UK/US Rheneas and Owen
Keith Wickham UK Edward, Henry, James, Percy, Sir Topham Hatt and Mr. Percival
UK/US Skarloey and Sir Handel
Kerry Shale US Henry, James, Kevin, Sir Topham Hatt and Mr. Percival
UK Diesel
William Hope US Edward, Toby and Rocky
Matt Wilkinson UK Rocky, Cranky, Kevin, Blue Mountain Quarry Workmen, and the Dock Workers
UK/US Rusty, Merrick and Winston
David Bedella UK/US Victor and the Cuban Man
Steven Kynman UK/US Peter Sam and Paxton
Micheal Legge UK/US Luke
Teresa Gallagher UK Emily and Mavis
UK/US Annie and Clarabel
Jules de Jongh US Emily and Mavis
Glenn Wrage US Cranky


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