Brihthelm (Bishop of Selsey)

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Bishop of Selsey
Appointedbetween 953 and 956
Term endedbetween 956 and 963
Personal details
Diedbetween 956 and 963

Brihthelm or Beorhthelm was a Bishop of Selsey.

According to a South Saxon charter, supposedly from 956, Brihthelm received a grant of land from a King Eadwig; however, the charter (S.616) is likely to have been a later forgery, although probably based on a genuine contemporary document.[1][2]

A charter (S.1291) issued by Brihthelm in 957, pertaining to the restoration of lands seized around Selsey by a certain Ælfsige, is also thought to be suspicious, but again it is probable that a genuine contemporary document lies behind it.[3][4]

Brihthelm died between 956 and 963, or he may have been transferred to Winchester around then.[5]


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