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Bishop of Selsey
Appointedbefore 821
Term endedbetween 839 and 845
Personal details
Diedbetween 839 and 845

Cynered, (or Coenred) was a Bishop of Selsey.

Cynered received a confirmation from Coelwulf, King of Mercia, between 821 and 823 of the land originally granted by Noðhelm to his sister Noðgyð.[1]

Cynered was present at a synod æt Astran in 839.[2] Cynered's bishopric can be dated approximately to (in or before 821-823) to (in or after 839), and that is much as the historical evidence permits.

Cynered died some time between 839 and 845.[3]


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Christian titles
Preceded by Bishop of Selsey
c. 821- c. 842
Succeeded by