Nicholas de Aquila

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Nicholas de Aquila
Bishop of Chichester-elect
Appointed 1209
Quashed c. 1214
Predecessor Simon of Wells
Successor Richard Poore
Other posts Dean of Chichester
Personal details
Died after 26 May 1220
Denomination Catholic

Nicholas de Aquila[a] (died after 1220) was a medieval Bishop of Chichester-elect.


Aquila was a canon lawyer and probably a member of the Laigle family.[2] He may be the master of the school at Avranches in 1198, but was Dean of Chichester before February 1201.[3] He was nominated as bishop in 1209, but was never consecrated. His election was quashed about 1214.[4] He was named Dean of Avranches by 1211 and died sometime after 26 May 1220.[3]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Simon of Wells
Bishop of Chichester
election quashed

Succeeded by
Richard Poore