Tota (bishop)

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Bishop of Selsey
Appointed between 781 and 786
Term ended between 786 and 789
Predecessor Gislhere
Successor Wihthun
Consecration between 781 and 786
Personal details
Died between 786 and 789
Denomination Christian

Tota[a] was a Bishop of Selsey when Sussex was being ruled by Offa of Mercia.

Not very much is known of Tota but he is recorded as present at a church council (Synod of Calcuthiens) attended by papal legates in 786.[2][3] He was consecrated between 781 and 786.[4]

Tota died between 786 and 789.[4]


  1. ^ Also Thoha, Totta, or Toha[1]


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