Busan Gudeok Stadium

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Gudeok Stadium
Gudeok Stadium 3.JPG
Location 57 Mangyang-ro
Seo District, Busan
Coordinates 35°06′59″N 129°00′52″E / 35.116495°N 129.01449°E / 35.116495; 129.01449Coordinates: 35°06′59″N 129°00′52″E / 35.116495°N 129.01449°E / 35.116495; 129.01449
Owner Busan
Capacity 24,363
Surface Grass
Opened 1928
1988 Summer Olympics
Pusan Daewoo Royals (K League) 1988 - 1999
Busan IPark (K League) 2000 - 2002
Busan Transportation Corporation FC (National League) 2006 -

Busan Gudeok Stadium (Korean: 부산 구덕 운동장; Hanja: 釜山九德運動場) is a multi-purpose stadium in Busan, South Korea. It is currently used mostly for football matches. The stadium holds 24,363 people and opened in 1928. During the 1988 Summer Olympics, it hosted some football preliminary matches. And it was a main stadium for the 2nd East Asian Games.


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