Pe htaw bhut htamin

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Pe htaw bhut htamin
Alternative namesButter rice
Butter and lentil rice
Place of originMyanmar (Burma)
Associated national cuisineBurmese cuisine
Main ingredients

Pe htaw bhut htamin (Burmese: ထောပတ်ထမင်း; IPA: [tʰɔ́baʔtʰəmɪ́ɴ], also known as butter rice or butter and lentil rice) is a festive rice dish in Burmese cuisine, typically associated with celebratory occasions like wedding receptions or almsgiving feasts.[1] The rice dish is typically paired with a traditional Burmese chicken or mutton curry.

Buttered rice uses long-grained paw hsan hmwe or basmati rice, and is cooked with butter, lentils, cashew nuts, raisins, spiced with bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, cloves, and garnished with fried golden onions.[2][3]

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