Kya zan hinga

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Kyazan hinga
Alternative namesKyazan chet
Place of originBurma
Associated cuisineBurmese cuisine
Main ingredients
Ingredients generally used
  • garlic
  • pepper

Kya zan hinga (Burmese: ကြာဆံဟင်းခါး; lit.'lotus thread soup'), also known as kyazan chet (ကြာဆံချက်), is a dish of glass noodles[1] in chicken consommé in Burmese cuisine. It is made with mushrooms, bean curd skin, dried daylily buds, shrimp, garlic, pepper and sometimes fish balls. For the addition of texture and flavour, it can be garnished with coriander, sliced shallots, fish sauce, chilli powder and a squeeze of lime.

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