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Société Anonyme
Traded as EuronextCAP
Industry Management consulting
Founded 1967; 49 years ago (1967)
Founder Serge Kampf
Headquarters Paris, France
Area served
Key people
Paul Hermelin
(Chairman & CEO)
Services business consulting and outsourcing services
Revenue Increase €11.915 billion (2015)[1]
Increase €1.262 billion (2015)[1]
Profit Increase €1.124 billion (2015)[1]
Total assets Increase €11.45 billion (2014)[1]
Number of employees
180,639 (Dec 2015)[1]

Capgemini is a French multinational management consulting corporation headquartered in Paris, France. It is one of the world's largest consulting, technology and outsourcing companies with 180,000 employees in over 40 countries. It was founded in 1967 by Serge Kampf in Grenoble, France. The company has been led by Paul Hermelin, the chairman and CEO of the Capgemini group, ever since his appointment in December 2001.[citation needed]

Capgemini's regional operations are North and South America, Northern Europe & Asia Pacific and Central & Southern Europe. Services are delivered through four disciplines; Consulting, Technology, Outsourcing and Local Professional Services.[citation needed]


Les Fontaines, a mansion in Chantillly, France, used by Capgemini as a training facility.

Capgemini was founded by Serge Kampf in 1967[2] as an enterprise management and data processing company. The company was inaugurated as the Société pour la Gestion de l'Entreprise et le Traitement de l'Information (Sogeti).

  • In 1973 Sogeti acquired a majority stake in its major European IT services competitor, CAP (Centre d'analyse et de programmation).[3]
  • In 1974 Sogeti acquired Gemini Computer Systems, a US company based in New York.[4]
  • In 1981, Cap Gemini Sogeti launched US operations following the acquisition of Milwaukee-based DASD Corporation, specializing in data conversion and employing 500 people in 20 branches throughout the US. Following this acquisition, the American operation was known as Cap Gemini DASD.[5]
  • In 1986, Cap Gemini Sogeti acquired the consulting division of US-based CGA Computer to create Cap Gemini America.[6]
  • In 1991, Gemini Consulting was formed through the integration of two management consulting firms (United Research and The MAC group)[4]
  • In 1995, the Center for Business Innovation at Cap Gemini was transformed from an institutional university model to a networked research capability under the leadership of its director Christopher Meyer (author)[7][8]
  • In 1996, the name was simplified to Cap Gemini with a new group logo. All operating companies worldwide were re-branded to operate as Cap Gemini.[4]
  • In 2000, Cap Gemini acquired Ernst & Young Consulting. It simultaneously integrated Gemini Consulting to form Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.[9]
  • In 2002, Cap Gemini re-launched its Sogeti brand, creating a new legal entity bearing the original name of the company, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. The new company is focused on delivering IT services to a more limited range of markets.
  • In 2003, the firm acquired Transiciel and merged the two practices into Sogeti-Transiciel (later consolidated within Sogeti in 2006).[10]
  • In April 2004, the Group reverted to Capgemini (its current name).[11]
  • In the summer of 2005 Capgemini sold its North American healthcare consulting practice, including both payer and provider practices, to Accenture following heavy financial losses in that sector, but retained its life sciences practice.[12]
  • In August 2006, Capgemini acquired Future Engineering.[13]
  • On 8 February 2007, Capgemini announced the acquisition of Software Architects, a US-based consulting company, to expand its US business.[14]
  • On 25 July 2008, Capgemini announced the acquisition of Getronics PinkRoccade Business Applications Services BV[15] of the Netherlands. The acquisition amounted to an equity value of €255 million paid in cash.
  • In October 2008, Capgemini acquires UK Test specialist Vizuri.[16]
  • In November 2008, Capgemini acquires Empire and Sophia Solutions to reinforce its presence in Eastern Europe.[17]
  • In September 2009, Capgemini Australia acquires Nu Solutions; bolsters software testing expertise.[18]
  • In February 2010, Capgemini announced the acquisition of IBX.[19]
  • In June 2010, Capgemini announced the acquisition of Strategic Systems Solutions, a small company specializing in the capital markets.[20]
  • In June 2010, Capgemini announced the acquisition of Plaisir Informatique, a French company specializing in complex data migrations in the banking and insurance sector.[21]
  • In September 2010, Capgemini announced the acquisition of CPM Braxis, the largest Brazilian IT consultant company.[22]
  • In November 2010, Capgemini announced that it has acquired the India-based IT services company, Thesys Technologies Private Limited ("Thesys"), a Temenos-Certified Services Partner that provides banking implementation solutions to the global financial services industry.[23]
  • In December 2010, Capgemini Acquires German IT-Services Provider CS Consulting GmbH.[24]
  • In February 2011, the Cheshire Police Authority signed a framework agreement with Capgemini for IT services to support back-office policing activities. The framework would include technology to enable shared services. It is expected to generate savings of £40 million for the Cheshire Constabulary over ten years.[25]
  • In February 2011, Capgemini got a $63 million three-year contract to provide support to smart meters for Canada’s utility BC Hydro in British Columbia.[26]
  • In March 2011, Capgemini secured a £100 million contract with BAA to takeover its core IT services.[27]
  • In April 2011, Capgemini acquired two French companies, Artesys, a provider of IT infrastructure offering, and Avantias, a provider of enterprise content management to businesses.[28]
  • In June 2011, Capgemini finalized its acquisition of Prosodie, the multi-channel services operator.[29]
  • In June 2011, Capgemini completed its first acquisition in China, Praxis Technology, a utility industry specialist.[30]
  • In July 2011, Capgemini acquired the Italian IT services provider AIVE Group.[31]
  • In May 2014, Capgemini announced the acquisition of Irving, Texas-based Strategic Systems & Products Corp. (SSP), a provider of solutions to the upstream oil and gas industry.[32]
  • In April 2015, Capgemini announced the acquisition of IGATE, a New Jersey-based provider of integrated technology and operations-based solutions. The combined group was reported to have over 179,000 employees.[33]
  • In June 2015, Capgemini announced it was launching a €500 million capital increase to help fund its planned acquisition of IGATE.[34]


A cubicle in Capgemini's São Paulo office.


  • Capgemini won the SAP North America Partner Excellence Award 2015 for SAP Platform Solutions.[35]
  • Capgemini was named as a 2015 World’s Most Ethical Company by the Ethisphere Institute for the 3rd Year.[36]


  • Capgemini was named as a 2014 World’s Most Ethical Company by the Ethisphere Institute for the 2nd Year.[37]
  • Capgemini was named a leader among Global SAP services providers by Forrester.[38]
  • Capgemini was positioned as a leader in Global F&A BPO Magic Quadrant by Gartner.[39]
  • Capgemini was positioned as a Leader in Software Testing Services by NelsonHall.[40]
  • Capgemini Group was positioned in the “Leaders” Quadrant in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Application Testing Services 2014.[41]
  • Capgemini was named a 'Leader’ amongst Global Infrastructure Outsourcing Providers in an independent report by Forrester Research, Inc.[42]
  • Capgemini was positioned in “Leaders” Quadrant in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for SAP Application Management Service Providers, Worldwide.[43]
  • Capgemini was positioned in “Leaders” Quadrant in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for SAP Implementation Service Providers, Worldwide.[43]
  • Capgemini Consulting has been recognized by Source1 for the consistently high quality of its thought leadership content.[44]

World Wealth Report[edit]

Merrill Lynch, Cap Gemini and Ernst & Young worked together since c. 1993 investigating the "needs of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs are individuals with more than $1 million in financial assets)" in order to "successfully serve this market segment." Their 2003 report was their seventh.[45]

  • 1998 World Wealth Report[46]
  • 2003 World Wealth Report[45]
  • 2007 World Wealth Report[47]
  • 2009 World Wealth Report[48]
  • 2013 World Wealth Report[49]

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