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Here are 150 articles[edit]

That have Ambox substed in them before we added the diagnostic.

Extended content
  1. British and Irish Lions
  2. Class action
  3. Neva River
  4. Unemployment
  5. Vasa
  6. Demographics of Western Sahara
  7. Chiswick
  8. Knightsbridge
  9. Longville, Minnesota
  10. Olaf II of Norway
  11. Sōka Gakkai
  12. Chemical symbol
  13. List of climbers
  14. List of psychologists
  15. Commoner
  16. ATSC (standards)
  17. List of people who disappeared mysteriously
  18. Belgravia
  19. Swatch Internet Time
  20. Zoombinis
  21. Air Koryo
  22. Declining a British honour
  23. Child marriage
  24. Zelenogorsk, Saint Petersburg
  25. List of PlayStation 1 games
  26. Heatherdale railway station, Melbourne
  27. NASA Budget
  28. Dependency theory
  29. Peterhof
  30. Nakakanbara District, Niigata
  31. HVDC Vancouver Island
  32. Actual Idealism
  33. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
  34. Caleb Blood Smith
  35. Peter and Paul Cathedral
  36. Detroit Junior Red Wings
  37. List of Singaporeans
  38. St. George's School, Harpenden
  39. Narva Triumphal Gate
  40. Tim Wise
  41. Charas
  42. Atom Heart Mother (suite)
  43. House of Orléans
  44. Money Talks
  45. ALTQ
  46. Types of business entity
  47. Will Durst
  48. Sue Simmons
  49. Vehicle registration plates of Europe
  50. Zeta Tau Alpha
  51. Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri
  52. Lumpy the Heffalump
  53. Republican Guard (Lebanon)
  54. Ethan Nadelmann
  55. Doctor Who DVD releases
  56. Ed Gardner
  57. Luke Pritchard
  58. Russian submarine TK-208 Dmitri Donskoi
  59. Detroit Compuware Ambassadors
  60. Projective texture mapping
  61. Detroit Whalers
  62. Glossary of cue sports terms
  63. Ottawa-Carleton Educational Space Simulation
  64. Ñuble Province
  65. Jack Coggins
  66. Vladimir Kulich
  67. Stingray Timmins
  68. List of 6teen episodes
  69. Trump Tower (Philadelphia)
  70. Sirdar Ikbal Ali Shah
  71. Karl Moor
  72. Vasant Rai
  73. Lukas Rossi
  74. Ian Antono
  75. Alejandro Aguinaga
  76. Artur Chilingarov
  77. West Suburban Silver Division
  78. West Suburban Gold Division
  79. Shoe-fitting fluoroscope
  80. James Anderson (computer scientist)
  81. Streetcars in North America
  82. Palliyagodella massacre
  83. Eliseyev Emporium (Saint Petersburg)
  84. 'And' theory of conservatism
  85. Pick-A-Prof
  86. Shi'a–Sunni relations
  87. List of car crash songs
  88. Bahira
  89. Usage share of instant messaging clients
  90. GlobalSCAPE
  91. Vehicle registration plates of the European Union
  92. Divizia A 1935–36
  93. Saga (UK)
  94. James F. Allen
  95. DB2 SQL return codes
  96. Grace Period
  97. Low arousal approach
  98. Keswick School
  99. List of Total Drama Action episodes
  100. Kartellverband katholischer deutscher Studentenvereine
  101. Iriver plus 3
  102. Riverside Museum
  103. Sonkovo railway station
  104. Kurds in Sweden
  105. Ron Catalano
  106. Mark Kayser
  107. I Don't Believe You
  108. Angelique Monet
  109. Greg the Architect
  110. Lebanese Special Operations Command
  111. Lech (Demo)
  112. Funeral procession
  113. DriveSavers
  114. Mindwipe
  115. Inbenta
  116. List of family-and-homemaking blogs
  117. Alix Bushnell
  118. Andrew Blake Filmography
  119. List of black holes
  120. Mariinsky Theatre, Second stage
  121. Max B
  122. Narvskaya
  123. Tower of St. Olav
  124. Museum of Optical Technologies
  125. 2, Street of Architect Rossi
  126. Peterhof landing stage
  127. Avtovo CHP-15
  128. North Pole-37
  129. North Pole-36
  130. Monument to Sergei Yesenin in St. Petersburg
  131. TGC-1
  132. Church of Our Lady the Merciful
  133. Pentacle (the Virtual Business School)
  134. Alien (ship owner)
  135. Gary Pendleton
  136. Standart (frigate)
  137. Historic Curatorship Program
  138. John Toyzilla Marshall (a.k.a. John T. Marshall)
  139. Kodava family Chottemanda
  140. OFSAA Track
  141. Marine Facade
  142. New Sea Passenger port
  143. RTI-371
  144. The Umbrella Academy (film)
  145. Guitar Hero Linkin Park
  146. Springfield (album)
  147. Foundation for health coverage education
  148. Montcalm Secondary School
  149. Aaron Fish (producer)
  150. Loxd

Rich Farmbrough, 21:10, 13 October 2009 (UTC).


What is the rationale for discouraging certain templates to be substed? I recently tagged an article with {{Verylong}}. But while the part of its text "This article may be too long to read and navigate comfortably" fit perfectly, the part "Please consider splitting content into sub-articles and using this article for a summary of the key points of the subject" was a ludicrous suggestion for that specific article, one that one should certainly hope would not be followed up by an eager editor. Therefore I substed it so that I could modify the text – which however made it end up in this category. But what's the point? Why do we have this "{{#ifeq:{{NAMESPACE}}|...}}" preamble for certain templates to start with? Is some harm done by substitution instead of transclusion? And if so, does that apply also to {{Verylong}}?  --Lambiam 07:30, 25 April 2010 (UTC)

You ask a good question. Most of these templates are simply not fit for substitution, which would make problems with the correct dating of these templates. In addition, substitution makes it harder to keep track of the pages a template is used upon. Hope to have answered your question, Debresser (talk) 11:22, 25 April 2010 (UTC)
Thanks for the explanation. It's not quite clear to me, though, what the "correct dating" problems are you refer to. One of the effects of {{Verylong}} is to put the thus-tagged page in Category:Articles that may be too long from <MONTH> <YEAR>, also when substed; so it remains easy to keep track of the pages {{Verylong}} has been used on. Is it possible that simply all Ambox templates have been "enriched" with the "{{#ifeq:{{NAMESPACE}}|...}}" code without consideration of whether this made sense for each individual template?  --Lambiam 19:07, 25 April 2010 (UTC)
  • Any changes in the templates themselves wil not be reflected in the articles
    1. style
    2. wording
    3. categorization (for example in the cat name we could take "that may be " out and replace it with "are", another example we currently date a number of tags where we are where likely to break them down by date later - that would be lost).
  • The dates. Most people don't fill in the date parameter, leaving it to a WP:Bot.
  • Readability - compare "Too long" with the contents of it! And if you did that recursively it would only get worse.
  • Having explicit cats in the middle of the article is contrary to style guides.
  • The cats will be moved to the end by various processes and consolidated. For example 2 "section expand" might give 1, 2 or 3 categories. When removing one template you would have to know and remember which cats to remove from the article.
Rich Farmbrough, 04:28, 5 May 2010 (UTC).