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One centillion is a number, which is equal to either 10303 or 10600, depending on the system used.

Short scale[edit]

In areas using the short scale, such as Canada, the US, and the UK, a centillion is 10303. It is formed on a pattern starting with a million: a million (1,000,000) has three zeroes more than a thousand (1,000); a billion (1,000,000,000) has two groups of three zeroes more than a thousand, and so on. One centillion has one hundred groups of three zeroes more than one thousand.

A centillion in the short-scale system is equivalent to a quinquagintilliard, or a thousand quinquagintillion, in the long-scale system.

Long scale[edit]

In long scale usage, one centillion is 10600, which is equal to (106)100; that is, it is the number with a hundred times as many zeroes as a million.

A centillion in the long scale is equivalent to a cennovemnonagintillion in the short scale.[1]

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